201 collocations for scraped

Lounging about the stalls until he found just the sort of old codger he wanted, he scraped up an acquaintance with him on the spot, and succeeded in making himself so agreeable that when the old fellow sauntered back to the stables to take a look at his horse, Sweetwater accompanied him.

Now if you, readerfor I assume you to be one of the gathering audiencewere of the kind careful on scrubbing days to scrape your feet upon the iron outside and to cross the kitchen on the unwashed parts, then it is likely that you stood in the good graces of the cook.

Whilst in full work, they had scraped up money to buy a piano; and, long after the ploughshare of ruin had begun to drive over the little household, they clung to the darling instrument, which was such a source of pure pleasure to them, and they were advised to keep it by the committee which relieved them.

The workmen had been employed the preceding day, in scraping the mud together into a heap against the bank, and his lordship, unable to overcome the velocity with which he trundled along, rolled into the midst of it in an instant.

At camp he scraped the snow away with a shoe while Morse cut spruce boughs and chopped wood for the fire.

We got into camp that night before dusk, pretty well fagged and wet, and as soon as the coolies came in with our kits, we scraped a hole in the snow and pitched the colonel's small tent.

Select fine smooth potatoes; cut off the end of each and scrape out the inside.

When Tom Chist saw him, he was still bending over, scraping the sand away from something he had found.

Let cook slowly until tender; then scrape 6 carrots and cut thin; add 2 sliced onions, 2 cloves of garlic and let cook until tender.

With an iron instrument she constantly scraped the skin, throwing water upon it.

While the fireman scraped the iron floor for his last two shovelfuls of coal-dust and the train wheezed wearily into the dark station, Grim began to busy himself in mysterious ways.

Open a frog's mouth, and with the back of a knife blade gently scrape a little of the membrane from the roof of the mouth.

PULP SUCCOTASH.Score the kernels of some fresh green corn with a sharp knife blade, then with the back of a knife scrape out all the pulp, leaving the hulls on the cob.

They live mostly on the ground, scraping the earth with their feet, and feeding on seeds and grains, which, previous to digestion, are macerated in their crops.

Dalton looked wretchedly cut up, when that devil of a valet, who must be an accomplice, scraped the new paint off.

His broad shoulders did not scrape the sides of the hall.

"Six years ago," said he, "a man on the borders of Connecticut, sat night after night on a stool in a low tavern to scrape an old fiddle.

Now were fit time for me to scrape a treasure!

The while I stood about and watched, the Sunday pies and cake; And I was there to have fulfilled a small boy's fondest wish, The glorious privilege of youthto scrape the frosting dish!

The boy named was sitting by himself, on the end of a form close to the telegraph, moodily scraping up the ground with the spikes of his cricket-shoes.

Kaviak scraped up the meat saw-dust and ate it with grave satisfaction.

Men and women, squatting on their heels, scraped bits of fat from the drying skins.

Scott says of it, "The first time I could scrape a few shillings together, I bought myself a copy of these beloved volumes; nor do I believe I ever read a book half so frequently, or with half the enthusiasm."

Nor had I at another time any mercy upon the daughter of an old epicure, who had taught the girl, without the least remorse, to roast lobsters alive; to cause a poor pig to be whipt to death; to scrape carp the contrary way of the scales, making them leap in the stew-pan, and dressing them in their own blood for sauce.

It will run dry and dust will not collect on the surface of your cogs, and after a coating is once formed it should never be disturbed by scraping the face of the gear, and a very little added from time to time will keep your gear in fine shape.

201 collocations for  scraped