2019 examples of clutching in sentences

" I stopped in dismay, clutching wildly at the railing of the stairs we were descending.

"That man was behind me," she went on, clutching her husband by the arm.

And he saw now that which she was clutching to her breast, and there came from it a strange thrilling cryand he knew that here on the sledge he had found not enmity and death, but that from which he had been driven away in the other world beyond the ridge.

he panted, clutching his chest.

Then at sight of Glidden's hungry eyes and working face and clutching hands Kurt pulled his hat far down, drew his revolver, and leaped forward with a yell, "Hands up!"

Next day brought a native fishing canoe into sight, and to it he swam, still clutching the rifle that second nature had caused him to grab as he plunged into the reeds.

the Ramblin' Kid, clutching at the side of the building, reeled around the corner of the stall.

There it stands swaying and clutching at the wind, at the full extent of the arm, while the other is half poked out, and half drawn in, as if rheumatism detained the upper moiety and only below the elbow were at liberty to move.

He could see that strong passions were working in Victor: a hand, extended upon the table, unclosed and closed with a peculiar clutching action; the muscles contracted round mouth and eyes, moulding the face into a cast of disquieting malevolence.

When he came to the interchange of writings, she sprung to her feet, and, clutching his arm convulsively, exclaimed, "Did he do that?"

"Same old story, sir," remarked the disgusted Andy, still clutching his bruised toe tenderly.

After several attempts at the window it leapt for the roof and succeeded in clutching the eaves and scrambled up.

One of them shivered with terror and, clutching his companion, said in a hoarse whisper: "Our hour has come."

Jeems rolled over and over, clutching small feathers from the mattress in the agony of his delight, while the clothed youths contented themselves with amused but gurgling chuckles.

He started, shifted his feet to and fro, his arms straight down by his sides, his fingers clutching after something.

She was trembling from head to foot, stepping to and fro, her hands and face all but convulsed; her left hand over her bosom, clutching at her dress, which seemed to have been just disarranged; her right drawn back, holding something; her lips parted, struggling to speak; her great eyes opened to preternatural wideness, fixed on him with an intensity of eagerness;was she mad?

He looked quickly around, and grasping the low boughs of a slender sapling, managed to swing himself up into a tall chestnut-tree that grew close by; and there he clung, clutching the thick branches with might and main, feeling very cold and hungry and miserable, his heart all the while sinking clear down into his little peasant shoes.

It is thus that each generation comes knocking at the doorcomes, rather, so suddenly and unannounced, clutching at the Tree of Life, and with the glittering sword of youth beating down its worn-out defenders.

by our fathers reared As champion of the world's opprest; Whose moral force the tyrant feared; Whose flag all struggling freemen cheered; In clutching at an empire's crest

It was only a Circumcision procession on its way to the mosque; but the dust-enveloped rider in his rich dress, clutching the bewildered child to his breast, looked like some Oriental prince trying to escape with his son from the fiery embraces of desert Erl-maidens.

Clutching his sword, he thrust himself in front of Ann and bravely faced the Warming-pan.

But the dismallest sight was a bloody shape, with face to the ground, fingers clutching the grass with aimless eagerness, and shivering silently with an invisible wound.

"Thar he be!" said Tom, clutching the landlord's arm"in the windasee!" The window of the cedar-room, up two pair of stairs, was open; and in the shadow a darker outline was visible of a man, with his elbows on the window-stone, looking down upon them.

He was motionless, excepting a sort of convulsive movement, between sprawling and clutching of the fingers of the right hand, which was extended on his knee.

So, Mrs. Ranger, clutching at anything that might lighten the gloom thick and black upon him, let her in and left them alone together.

2019 examples of  clutching  in sentences