115 Verbs to Use for the Word cant

" "Mustn't open a fresh can till to-morrow.

Now fill two cans of your ould strongest beare; That make so manie loose their little wits, And make indentures as they go along.

After Jenkins put him in the cart, and took in the cans, he set out on his rounds.

She sprang forward and caught his arm, bringing the can away with a clatter and splash.

He has forgotten how he ran, Or to a dog's tail tied a can, Broke window panes, and loved to swipe Some neighbor's apples, red and ripe He thinks that always, day or night, His conduct was exactly right.

"If she hadn't bought a twenty-five cent pup for two dollars," remarked the Major, "she might have brought home an orphan from the gutters, or a litter of tomcats, or one of the goats that eat the tin cans at Harlem.

They were all sitting on the hearth, warming their fingers, and when the apple-wood fire burned down to coals that now and again spurted short-lived flame, they set the can of peas and the can of baked beans among the embers.

He took it down to the cellar and found a can of Rustoleum.

All was quiet in the "Orchard" that morning, except that, here, a starved-looking woman, with a bit of old shawl tucked round her head, and a pitcher in her hand, and there, a bare-footed lass, carrying a tin can, hurried across the sunny space towards the soup kitchen.

So they all set to playing catch-who-catch-can, till the gunpowder ran out at the heels of their boots.

"I thought maybe you'd like some oysters for your Christmas dinner," he said to the Colonel when he came in again, "so I got a couple o' cans from the A. C. man down below;" and a mighty whoop went up.

Several shelves held cans of oil and paint, boxes of supplies, and dozens of samples of minerals and crystals.

The other was a younger man, and in this moment of lapsing consciousness it struck Roscoe as strange that he should be clutching a can of beans between his hands.

Come along, and let's see if you can hit that old can.

He folded and replaced the letter, picked up his oil-can, fastened his lamp to his cap and started down the chamber.

Remember the man you'll remember the can.

Even in Donald's harness-room he was not secure from interruption, for little Patsy was frequently perched upon the bench there, watching with serious eyes old Donald's motions, and laughing joyously when in his embarrassment he overturned a can of oil or buckled the wrong straps together.

On the succeeding day we were each given an unopened can of the meat, which was supposed to last us for twenty-four hours.

Fifteen for checking the cans on the truck that would take the ice cream away, and ten dollars a Sunday, when I pitched for the company team.

I secured a can of cooked turkey, the only one I ever saw, and a pitcher of hot water, and with these made a substitute for chicken broth; gave them all drinks of water, bathed their faces, found one of their absent nurses, made him promise to stay, and went back to the main building to have some one see that he kept his word.

" "Where d' you eat?" "I have buy the can and the crackers at the store.

Then add 1 small can of shredded pineapple and crush a few macaroons.

Madam, and you be wise, trust your honest neighbours here; let them bring this ca-ca-ca-ca-to the Fleet, and s-see your ring delivered.

Further investigation led to the discovery that one of our arrieros had that day placed our can of kerosene on top of one of the loads.

But he clambered bravely up, dragging his oil-can with him; then he moved out along the smooth, sloping surfaces of fallen slate, keeping as close as possible to the wall of the heading, climbing higher and higher, very slowly now, and with much labor, stopping often to rest.

115 Verbs to Use for the Word  cant