5 Verbs to Use for the Word hews

A wool-man, butcher, and dealer in skewers lately observed to him that his nephew (an idle lad) could only assist him in making them;he could rough hew them, but I was obliged to shape their ends!

In hundred formes to change his fearefull hew; When as at length I saw the wrathfull winde, Which blows cold storms, burst out of Scithian mew, That sperst these cloudes; and, in so short as thought, This dreadfull shape was vanished to nought.

For all the rest, how ever fayre it be, Shall turne to nought and lose that glorious hew; But onely that is permanent, and free From frayle corruption that doth flesh ensew.

Ye saw the hero hew with the sword, and cast the javelin: his left hand was as cunning as his right

The necessity for excessive labor to satisfy artificial wants hews away at one end of society, and the indulgence of idleness and ease, at the other.

5 Verbs to Use for the Word  hews