123 Verbs to Use for the Word reining

He crossed a ravine in a few jumps, and on reaching a ridge beyond, I drew rein, looked back and saw the Indians coming for me at full speed and evidently well-mounted.

BOOK XI THE ODES OF TS'IN ~Celebrating the Opulence of the Lords of Ts'in~ Our ruler to the hunt proceeds; And black as iron are his steeds That heed the charioteer's command, Who holds the six reins in his hand.

Thus speaking, Beltane gave his horse the rein and forth they rode together out into the broad and open glade, their armour glinting in the sun; and immediately the dogs gave tongue, louder, fiercer than before.

* Men and Manners The following paragraph, cut from a newspaper, suggests a good deal: "A Hindoo cabby, before mounting the box and taking the reins, always first prays that his driving may be to the glory of his God.

" Now this is precisely what the New York hackman invariably does before he gathers up the reins and urges on his "galled jades."

She threw the reins to the servant who answered her call and went slowly into the house.

He was still existing in a maze of plots, still facing royalists and revolutionists, all conspiring to seize the reins.

He pulled the rein savagely,why could not the dumb brute know that life and death waited on her foot?

gasped Polly, losing her presence of mind, and dropping the reins to cling to her brother, with a woman's instinctive faith in the stronger sex.

But Robin only laughed and caught the Sheriff's bridle rein.

Will you thus neglect so good an hour?" Now the sun's chariot had gone by the middle of his way; Half wearily he shook the reins, nearer to night than day, And led the light along the slope that down before him lay.

The Archbishop of Cologne, Anno, assumes the reins of government after seizing the young emperor Henry IV. 1066.

You cannot fall, and if your horse should show any signs of actual misbehavior, you would find your master at your right hand, with fingers of steel to grasp your reins, and a voice accustomed to command obedience from quadrupeds, howsoever little of it he may be able to obtain at first from well-meaning bipeds.

"Let's go on," she said, loosening her rein.

"Oh!" groaned the general, and jerking his rein, until his horse reared in the air, his chin fell on his chest, and he began to sink from the saddle.

" Stafford handed him the reins so that he himself might get out his cigar-case, and with some little difficulty, and assisted by Pottinger's soaked hat, the two gentlemen got their cigars alight.

But now, just as you have shortened your reins for the fortieth time or so, your master rides up beside you.

Then he picked up his reins, found his stirrups, and rode away.

As Stafford, flinging the reins to one of the grooms, got down, he caught sight of a line of liveried servants in the hall, and he frowned slightly.

If you happen to go driving with him, he willif the horse is of the kind that distends his nostrilson a sudden toss you the reins and leave you to guard him while he dispatches an errand.

The driver was Bill Reed, an old overland stage driver and wagon master; on our way in, the Grand Duke frequently expressed his admiration of the skillful manner in which Reed handled the reins.

" Donnegan was now opposite the dance hall, and Andy Lewis had his hand touching the butt of his gun, but though Donnegan was looking straight at him, he kept his reins in one hand and his heavy riding crop in the other.

When all was made ready the knights struck spurs to their steeds, and loosing the rein upon the horses' necks, hurtled together with raised buckler and lance in rest.

He always stayed pretty late, and on the way home he'd tie the reins to the whip-stock and go to sleep, and never wake up till Cleve or Pacer, whichever one he happened to have, would draw up in the barnyard.

The youth was in a maze, nor did he know Which way to turn the reins, or where to go; Nor would the horses, had he known, obey.

123 Verbs to Use for the Word  reining