111 Verbs to Use for the Word stay

And moved and spoke in quiet grown-up wise, Having my law the seventh time disobey'd, I struck him, and dismiss'd With hard words and unkiss'd...." Even with the plague and Brother Paul raging at the missioneven with everyone preoccupied by the claims of dead and dying, the Boy would have been glad to prolong his stay had it not been for "nagging" thoughts of the Colonel.

I believe he was a gross flatterer.' I fulfilled my intention by going to London, and returned to Oxford on Wednesday the 9th of June, when I was happy to find myself again in the same agreeable circle at Pembroke College, with the comfortable prospect of making some stay.

Cook could see that Otoo was nervous and uncomfortable, and felt dissatisfied with his reception, so determined to cut short his stay.

Lay not thy winning pen away, Each line thou writest we bid thee stay, Still ask to charm us with another lay.

He gave notice to you and Mrs. Marston of his intended departure; but accident protracted his stay until that fatal night which sealed his doom.

In fact I enjoyed my stay so much, that in March, I returned to the Croc Bank again (for a brief while), as that was the breeding season for crocodiles.

Lord, come away; Why dost thou stay?

In such a retrospect the terrified sinner shrinks back into himself, and finding there no stay by which to cling, must feel shrinking into infinite nothingness; while the devout soul raises its thoughts to the Almighty, yielding itself up to Him in childlike trust, and praying, "Thy will be done in me!"

They were exceedingly dirty and ragged, wearing, nevertheless, a profusion of ear-rings, armlets, anclets, bracelets, and all sorts of lets, with a thousand talismanic charms hanging from their necks upon their ample bosoms, which latter, from the habit of not wearing stays, reach as low down as their waists.

She seemed more hurt than angry, and began by saying: "On account of thy bad conduct, Mrs. Stein is going to shorten her stay.

The Rancocus was far better provided with tools suited to the uses of the land, than was common for ships, her voyage contemplating a long stay among the islands she was to visit.

I pray thee stay.

She had already be'n in de house fer a week, an' Mars Sam knowed ef she once come ter stay, she'd be de mist'ess of eve'ybody in it an' him too.

He was going to leave with the Captain-General, who cared in no way to lengthen his stay, fearful of what people would say.

Her long with ardent Look his Eye pursued Delighted, but desiring more her stay: Oft he to her his Charge of quick return Repeated; she to him as oft engaged To be return'd by noon amid the Bower.

Though I could wish your stay, my duty bidds me Expect the enjoying of my happines Till your returne from France.

I took up my stay at the "English Hotel" (posada Ingles), kept by Benoliel, a Morocco Jew, who spoke tolerable English.

Martha Foote knew the value of the personal note, and it had been her idea that had resulted in the rule which obliged elevator boys, chambermaids, floor clerks, doormen and waiters if possible, to learn the names of Senate Hotel guests, no matter how brief their stay.

They improved a short stay at the Danish island of St. Thomas, to give a description of slavery as it exists there, which, as it appeared for the most part in the anti-slavery papers, and as it is not directly connected with the great question at issue, has not been inserted in the present volume.

And this I have to say, you're bound to like your stay, And never in your life I'm very sure will you repent The time in Pension Colbert's walls and well-trimmed garden spent.

Janet, fearing a confusion of her master's words, put forth her arms and drew away Katherine's hands and said, softly: "His Lordship will not thrash the lad, if thou wilt don thy most beautiful frock and forget the stays.

"Amidst the tumult of the routed train, The sons of false Antimachus were slain; He, who for bribes his faithless counsels sold, And voted Helen's stay for Paris' gold.

But it would be foolish to bring it into such prominence when we have all along recommended a stay amid these lovely scenes, unless we could suggest a remedy, and the remedy is as simple as, with us, it proved complete.

To make me happier than that wish can do, Lies not in all your Gods to grant, but you; Let this fair princess but one minute stay, A look from her will your obligements pay.

So ended our stay at Ferrara, in a blaze of wild enthusiasm.

111 Verbs to Use for the Word  stay
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