38 adjectives to describe metaphysic

Each and every prakritic atom is the joint result of spirit and matter united and working togetherof physics and metaphysics; and in its last analysis pure spirit; pure metaphysics.

Personified metaphysics may be the enemy of religion, but all the same personified morality will be its friend.

The nature of the world; an essay in phenomenalist metaphysics.

Two selections from Berkeley in Craik, IV., 34-39, give some of that philosopher's subtle metaphysics.

It creates a speculative puzzle, the so-called mystery of evil and of error, from which a pluralistic metaphysic is entirely free.

We see him accepting, and with his genius transfiguring, the general circumstance of his time; we see him symbolizing, in some appropriate form, whatever sense of the significance of life he feels acting as the accepted unconscious metaphysic of his age.

The poem is full of the elements of the finest mystical metaphysics, and yet there is no effort in their expression.

Vol.6: Scientific metaphysics.

The first great work excited alarm by the sharpness of its negations and its destruction of dogmatic metaphysics, which to its earliest readers appeared to be the core of the matter; Kant was for them the universal destroyer.

The soul becomes involved in a dreary metaphysic, wondering fruitlessly what it is that mars the sweet and beautiful world.

They exhaust their ingenuity, exaggerations, the enthusiasm of the most exquisite metaphysics; they are intoxicated for a time with the idea that their love is a superior article.

This was the leader whom Mr. Calhoun's fervent political metaphysics and his own ambition for place and power had misled.

14; complains of its failure, iii. 191, n. 1; men as they are, took, iii. 282; men and women, his subjects of inquiry, v. 439, n. 2; mental faculties, tests his, iv. 21; metaphysics, fond of, i. 70; withheld from their study, v. 109, n. 3; method, want of, iii. 94; 'Methodist in a dignified manner,' i. 458, n. 3; military matters, interest in, iii. 361; militia, drawn for the, iv.

Yet these quarrels, apparently as frivolous as they were ferocious, about the relations of mind and matter, about the composition of the Trinity, about the Divine nature, turned much less on futile metaphysics than on the solid competition for ecclesiastical power, or the conflict of rival nationalities.

But to write a poem chiefly to symbolize this simple, heroic metaphysic would scarcely have done for Virgil; it would certainly not have done for his time.

In regard to metaphysics (knowledge from pure reason), then, this is the conclusion reached: Rejection of transcendent metaphysics (that which goes beyond experience), recognition and development of immanent metaphysics (that which remains within the limits of possible experience).

The third of the three essays mentioned was a Jeremiad on the morbid self-consciousness of the age, which shows itself, in religion and philosophy, as skepticism and introspective metaphysics; and in literature, as sentimentalism, and "view-hunting.

This tendency has its source in the intuitional metaphysics which characterized the reaction of the nineteenth century against the eighteenth, and it is a tendency so agreeable to human indolence, as well as to conservative interests generally, that unless attacked at the very root, it is sure to be carried to even a greater length than is really justified by the more moderate forms of the intuitional philosophy.

This discrepancy between foundation and result continues in an altered form even among contemporary thinkersas a discussion whether the "main purpose" of Criticism is to be found in the limitation of knowledge to possible experience, or the establishment of a priori elementsthough many, in adherence to Kant's own view, maintain that the metaphysics of knowledge and of phenomena (immanent rationalism) is the only legitimate metaphysics.

The principle ubi nihil vales, ibi nihil velis, forms the connection between the occasionalistic metaphysics and ethics, the latter deducing the practical consequences of the former.

Conception is an operation which gives us material for new acts of perception, then; and when the results of these are written down, we get those bodies of 'mental truth' (as Locke called it) known as mathematics, logic, and a priori metaphysics.

You will understand from that how to manage a passion to render happiness enduring; you will see whether I know the human heart and true felicity; you will learn from my example that the economy of the sentiments is, in the question of love, the only reasonable metaphysics.

It was upon the religious metaphysics of the ancients.

M. Michelet has no such excuse; and it makes one blush for him, as a philosopher, to find him describing such an argument as "weighty," whereas it is but a varied expression of rude Mahometan metaphysics.

On the right, a series of philosopherse.g., adherents of Hegel, Herbart, and Schopenhauerwho, without making any concessions to the modern theory of knowledge, hold fast to the possibility of a speculative metaphysics of the old type.

38 adjectives to describe  metaphysic