26 adverbs to describe how to dost

when I heard her speak thus, provoked and stung by her words, I said: "If, then, thou wittest of all this, wherefore dost thou question me?

" In Passiontide, the Breviary gives us the last verse, Deo Patri, and the translation renders it: "To Thee, Who dead again dost live, All glory, Jesus, ever be, Praise to the Father, infinite, And Holy Ghost eternally.

Welcome, good Skink, thou justly dost complain, Thou stand'st in dread of death for Rosamond, Whom thou didst poison at our dread command

Victoria, Thou nobly dost confirme me, hast new arm'd My resolution, excellent Victoria.

O dulcet love, that dost shew thee forth in smiles, how ardent was thy manifestation in the lustrous sparkles which arose out of the mere thoughts of those pious hearts!

Verily therefore, unless thou dost speedily amend and leave off following thine own Imaginations, I will leave off thee.

But tell me, Prior, Wherefore so deadly dost thou hate thy cousin? PRIOR.

Why dost thou whet thy knife so earnestly?

"Tell me, my little one," said Father Antonio, "frankly and truly, dost thou not love this man with all thy heart?"

Therefore to us be favorable now; And sith of wemens labours thou hast charge, And generation goodly dost enlarge, Encline thy will t'effect our wishfull vow, 385

They soon came within sight of the Sirens, who sang in Ulysses' hearing: Come here, thou, worthy of a world of praise, That dost so high the Grecian glory raise; Ulysses!

"How now, good master," cried Little John, "what need hast thou that thou dost wind thy horn so loudly?"

Why dost thou try meme, a poor old man, And speak to me from out my children's mouths?

Death, be not proud, though some have calléd thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so; For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow, Die not, poor Death; nor yet canst thou kill me.

How dost thou like this Spaniard? Pike.

" "Dost trifle in thy answers?

Vainly dost thou pronounce these words, O Pilate!

The Nightingale thus in my hearing spake: Good Cuckoo, seek some other bush or brake, And, prithee, let us that can sing dwell here; For every wight eschews thy song to hear, Such uncouth singing verily dost thou make.

Why dost thou looke so wildly? Pet.

Aloft strange voices dost thou hear?

How willingly dost thou consent to go To fetch thy master that same killing bow! WILL.

"And dost grieve amain, and sorrow therefore, O youth!" "Yea, indeed, indeedsleeping and waking!"

Thou hearest this voice when thou findest so much faith in thyself that thou dost assuredly, without doubting, presume that not only thy sins are forgiven thee, but also that thou art the beloved Son of God, who, being certain of eternal salvation, durst both call Him Father, and be delighted in Him with a joyful and confident heart.

Thou that at Rome astonisht dost behold The antique pride which menaced the skie,

And though thou art the mirror of beauty's glittering train, Thy bosom has one blemish, thy mind one deadly stain; For upon all alike thou shed'st the radiance of thy smile, And this the treachery by which thou dost the world beguile.

26 adverbs to describe how to  dost  - Adverbs for  dost