4173 Metaphors for youre

Signior, what a buzzing you make, as if you were a fly at Bartholomew-tyde at a Butchers stall: doe you think I am deafe? Hen.

You were the most charming and the chastest ornament of it.

"I mean," said Hardy, leaning forward and speaking with a vehemence which made the girl instinctively avert her head"I mean that to please you would be the greatest happiness I could know.

All mothers feel, but none ever felt like me; you were my solitary joy.' Venetia leant her face upon the table at which she was sitting and sobbed aloud.

What is there to like about many of us?" "Why, Father," said Vincent, "you are the most charitable of men!" Father Payne gave him a little bow.

I'm anxious you should look your best, really nice, especially as we haven't been to the Mitchells' for so long.

" "You are a remarkable specimenprobably you will make a gallant

You are a rose which the breath of morning, pure as it is, has not yet touched.

You see, you were my ideal.

"You're the greatest!"

"Put it out of the power of truth to give you an ill character; and if any body reports you not to be an honest or a good man, let your practice give him the lie.

I will move you with my devotion, my tender anxiety, so that the cruel crust will fall from your gentle and pure heart, and you will become again my candid and confiding sister.

"'You stay an' dance an' welcome,' says Quade, 'but if you won't dance, get out of here and go home where you belong.

"You are my beloved; but far is it from Matilda's wish to draw you from the paths of virtue.

You are such an adept in the nameless little attentions that women loveso profuse with lesser sugar-plums of speech and actionthat after two weeks one's husband is really necessary as an antidote.

I give you credit for being quite as clever and as intelligent as you are dainty and charming.

You are the most beautiful and the best!

Professor Frowenfeld, allow me" (a classic oath) "to say to your face, sir, that you are the most brilliant and the most valuable manof your yearsin afflicted Louisiana!

"Do you know," she said, "that when I said the other day that you were the most wonderful, the most marvelous man in the world, I didn't even know half how wonderful or marvelous you really were?" "Thanks!

"He's gone cocklin', has he?" inquired Sally, fixing those queer blue eyes of hers on the wife's face with an extraordinary expression; "an' you're takkin' care o's shoon till he cooms back?

"A thousand thanks, dearest Lucy, for the offer," I said, eagerly, "but could you become my bail, I certainly would not permit it.

"You have been a-courting of an angel.

You're an amazing little magician.

You will become an able negotiatora very pretty rascal.

or you will be a cinder in five minutes, that nothing but a coroner would take for the wreck of a human being!

4173 Metaphors for  youre