50 Words to use with charging

"Some of 'em load up an old shot-gun with a little charge o' powder and a quarter of an ounce of gold-dust on top, fire that into the prospect hole a dozen times or so, and then take a sucker out to pan the stuff.

Her son will rot before he upholds it, and ye can put that in the charge-sheet in the next coort-martial.

She checked up the charge accounts and on Saturdays paid off the office force.

As in the case of Naboth, when men were suborned to say, "Naboth did blaspheme God and the king:" and as was David's case, when he thus complained, "False witnesses did rise up, they laid to my charge things that I knew not of."

and "Charge bayonets!"

Before it the whole charging column seemed to melt and disappear.

"Charge bagonets!" said the Kernal.

He volunteered no explanation as regarded his possession of a duplicate key to the shed door, and though no attempt was made to bring the charge home against him, there was little doubt as to his guilt, and he was dismissed the next morning.

That at a greater charge compose.

The child had been committed to her charge day after day for some weeks.

"Be careful what you are about," warned Trendon, addressing his superior officer sharply, for Barnett had all but let his charge drop.

Some, in the first place, thought they had no business to suspect him of such a thing; others regarded it as a trumped-up charge emanating from the guilty parties, in order that the latter might thereby get some help from him, because he possessed the greatest influence.

Pretermit thy whittling, wheel thine ear-flap toward me, Thou shalt hear them answered. When the charge galvanic tingled through the cable, At the polar focus of the wire electric Suddenly appeared a white-faced man among us.

And now also holdeth such charge good, and the Muses' chariot speedeth to sound the glories of Nikokles the boxer.

They were rowing towards me with tremendous energy, the officer in charge half standing up in the stern and encouraging them to still fiercer efforts.

"I doubt, Signora Florinda, that your charge hath spent more hours among the light works of her late father's library, and less time with her missal, than becomes her birth?" The eye of Violetta kindled, and she folded an arm around the form of her shrinking companion, who drew down her veil at this reproof, though she forbore to answer.

I'll leave you in charge hereand recommend that you be kept on.

She'd b'lieve you; an' she couldn't rar an' charge inter a ole pusson like you, nohow.

charge interest; pay interest; lose interest.

"I don't know rightly what the charge isbut

2.] Il charge de ses lettres un ambassadeur; et l'ambassadeur est un Frère-mineur nommé Jean du Plan de Carpin (Joannes de Plano Carpini,) qui le jour de Pâques, 1245, part avec un de ses camarades, et qui en chemin se donne un troisiéme compagnon, Polonois et appelé Benoit.

So will I straight do homage, so remain Thy liegeman three full years, sans other gain, Thine with a hundred knights, and I their charge maintain.

I give to you from this present time the company of Captain Chatelard, who they tell me is dead, whereat I am distressed; but I desire that in this enterprise you have under your charge men afoot; your lieutenant- captain, Pierrepont [Pierre de Pont d'Albi, a Savoyard gentle-man, and Bayard's nephew], who is a very good man, shall lead your men-at-arms.

Does mother-love its charge prepare?

With all my soul;the imputed charge rehearse; I'll own my error and expunge my verse.

50 Words to use with  charging