21 Words to use with phoning

He was in deepest day-after shambles when the phone rang.

CURLIE CARSON LISTENS IN, by James Craig [pseud. of Roy Judson Snell] (The Radio-phone boys stories) © 2Aug22, A692420.

Here's some jobs I want the men to doall noted down herean' you'll answer letters, 'phone calls, an' all that.

He looked for the address in the phone book and found that it was a short bus ride away.

To a lady in a phone booth, By Phyllis McGinley.

Now a representative of the graphs married into the phone family, and we have graphophone.

Pearl decided to write an acceptance, and to 'phone home to her mother before sending it.

For early internet users, sitting alone in their homes or offices, connected to one another only by twisted pairs of copper phone lines, the notion of being connected, somehow, in the manner of a fractal was quite inspiring.

The Civil War phone number association.

Anna installed a small T.V. in the room and also had a phone extension made to my room.

The 'phone receivers and the crystal detector will have to be purchased as well as some of the accessories, such as the copper wire, pulleys, battery, switches, binding posts, the buzzer tester and so forth.

I'll 'phone fer 'Doc' Little and 'Doc' Yardley, an' have an ambulance sent fer the poor feller.

'Phone headquarters to rush every man available up to the Day and Night Bank, and say it's from me!" He stood chewing his cigar savagely as the sergeant hastened to obey.

During that whole day but one 'phone order came, and that was from Miss Monon.

"I'll 'phone instructions.

"Well, what now?" demanded the Master into the phone communicating with the upper port gallery.

" "What is the trouble, my dear?" "Why, I've just had a 'phone message from Harry, saying that he is going out this afternoon to shoot clay pigeons.

Mrs. Alex Porter lived on the next farm to Billy Adams, and being a lady of some leisure, she usually managed to get in on most of the 'phone conversations.

Those were pre-mobile phone days, so there was no way of contacting FIFA for their take on the rule.

A maid summoned her to answer a call, and excusing herself from the table she went to the 'phone desk in the foyer.

Another week passed and Mitchell's sales were scarcely noticeable, so Mr. Comer called him in to ask: "Is your 'phone disconnected?" "No, sir.

21 Words to use with  phoning