8 Words to use with tradesmen

The address of one of Southey's celebrity might well perplex a "man of straw;" and it had somewhat of this effect on our tradesman-artist; who, however, according to his own account of the affair, bustled through pretty tolerably; adopting the nonchalance of Geoffrey Crayon's uncle on entering a superb drawing-roomlooking around him with an air of indifference, which seemed to say, "he had seen finer things in his time."

Birmingham, indeed, some thirty years ago, was considerably under the influence of men of the unprogressive tradesmen classmany of them worthy men in their way but of limited ideas.

In France, dissatisfaction with the "tradesman-King," Louis Philippe, had long been bitter.

Dr. Johnson, though the son of a bookseller, was the least tradesman-like of authors.

On inquiring of Donovan if any other person in Bristol could corroborate this account, he referred me to a reputable tradesman living, in the Market-place.

He could not tune his voice to the tradesman note, and on the slightest provocation he became, quite unintentionally, offensive.

The tradesman parts with the goods, supposing that he will receive the equivalent; the customer carries them off, knowing that this equivalent is not, and is not likely to be, forthcoming.

"We were at this period what tradesmen term miserably hard up.

8 Words to use with  tradesmen