42 Words to use with wits

his wit combats, 25.

Finally, his wit hath cost him much, and he can both keep, and value, and employ it.

Blockheads with reason wicked wits abhor, But fool with fool is barb'rous civil war.

He first thinks fit no sonnetteer advance His censure farther than the song or dance, Your wit burlesque may one step higher climb, And in his sphere may judge all doggrel rhyme; All proves, and moves, and loves, and honours too; All that appears high sense, and scarce is low.

Wherefore with wondrous wit withal, with waggish wanton wiles, I joyful chant to glorify the just and gentle Giles.

Again, there was at this time prevalent a French conceit,"imported," as Camden tells us, "from Calais, and so well liked by the English, although most ridiculous, that, learned or unlearned, he was nobody that could not hammer out of his name an invention by this wit-craft, and picture it accordingly.

See Gibbon rap his boxauspicious sign, That classic compliment and wit combine; See Beauclerk's cheek a tinge of red surprise, And friendship give what cruel health denies; * *

He did not pumpe, nor drudge, To beget Wit, or manage it: nor trudge To Wit-conventions with Note-booke, to gleane Or steale some Jests to foist into a Scene: He scorn'd those shifts.

Brilliant women can be brilliant without either wine or tobacco, and Napoleon always maintained that without an admixture of feminine wit conversation grew tame.

And thou, most dread Octavius, which oft 35 To learned wits givest courage worthily, O come, thou sacred childe, come sliding soft, And favour my beginnings graciously: For not these leaves do sing that dreadfull stound*, When giants bloud did staine Phlegraean ground; 40 [* Stound, time.]

Humorist N. humorist, wag, wit, reparteeist^, epigrammatist, punster; bel esprit, life of the party; wit-snapper, wit-cracker, wit- worm; joker, jester, Joe Miller^, drole de corps^, gaillard^, spark; bon diable [Fr.]; practical joker. buffoon, farceur

I'd have liked to see the old place and the fells again, and when I was half asleep I thought I heard the beck splash among the thorns and the pee-wits crying.

He is many times flat, insipid: his comic wit degenerating into clenches; his serious swelling, into bombast.

Now in his happiest light is seen VOLTAIRE, when evening chas'd his spleen, And plac'd at supper with his friends, The playful flash of wit descends Of names renown'd you clearly shew The finer traits we wish to know To Prussia's martial clime I stray

Weak stomachs, with a long disease oppress'd, Cannot the cordials of strong wit digest.

Now let the few beloved by Jove, and they Whom infused Titan form'd of better clay, On equal terms with ancient wit engage, Nor mighty Homer fear, nor sacred Virgil's page: Our English palace opens wide in state; And without stooping they may pass the gate.

the liveliest sallies of wit flow unnumbered from his lips; he is another beinga new man; but coffee alone has produced this regeneration.

The characters are strongly marked, the wit genial, and not indecent.

In fact, a jest of Andrew Gemmells, especially at the expense of a person of consequence, flew round the circle which he frequented, as surely as the bon-mot of a man of established character for wit glides through the fashionable world.

She looked up suddenly and took a quick breath, as if to resume, but her eyes fell before his, and she said, in a tone of half-soliloquy: "I 'ave so mudge troub' wit dad hawt.

Then his thee home, that art our perfect guide, And with thy wit illustrate Englands fame, Daunting therby our neighbors ancient pride, That do for Poesie challenge chiefest name: So we that live, and ages that succeed, With great applause thy learned works shall reed.

Ah, there is beauty, soul and fire, And all that human wit inspire!

The last contemptible branch of wit-making, now happily confined to 'Punch,' is as old as variety of language.

805 And Peter is a deep logician Who hath no lack of wit mercurial; "Blood dropsleaves rustleyet," quoth he, "This poor man never, but for me, Could have had Christian burial.

"We go for walk wit oo, Mollie," Paul added.

42 Words to use with  wits