25 Metaphors for grey

Dark mottled grey for your wings, and a brown hackle, with a dark rather than a straw-coloured body, is the kind of fly we find most killing on the upper Coln.

Grey, it appeared, was a student of campaigns, and he and Ringan were deep in a discussion of Conde's battles, in which both showed surprising knowledge.

There was a madcap zest in his speech, something so merry and wild, that Grey, who had fallen back into his Tidewater manners, became once more the careless boy.

The Liberal Government in particular has encouraged projects of arbitration and of disarmament; and Sir Edward Grey is probably the most pacific Minister that ever held office in a great nation.

If Grey were the marksman I thought him, now was his chance for revenge.

" "Old Grey" had always been Mr. Grey when spoken of by Mr. Barry till that day, and the clerk remarking this, left Mr. Grey's bell unanswered for three or four minutes.

Marguerite Grey was not a weigher of motives, nor penetrative in the chemistry of scandal.

But there is no manner of doubt that the dark blue-grey is the most preferred.

Lord Grey was an exception; but then Lord Grey, besides passing the Reform Bill, presented Mr. Creevey with the Treasurership of the Ordnance, and in fact was altogether a most worthy man.

THE GREY MULLET.This is quite a different fish from the red mullet, is abundant on the sandy coasts of Great Britain, and ascends rivers for miles.

William Grey, 1; Samuel Long, 2; James Brown, 3; George and John Simmons, one capital, the other so-soan uncertain hitter, but a good fieldsman, 5; Joel Brent, excellent, 6; Ben Appletonhere was a little pause, for Ben's abilities at cricket were not completely ascertained, but then he was a good fellow, so full of fun and waggery!

All around was the grey expanse of stormy ocean, without a cape or a headland to break its monotony, as the surges rolled mournfully in upon a desolation more dreary than their own.

In this respect Mr. Grey was a grand hero.

To my inquiry as to whether Lord Grey of Groby was an ancestor, he was reticent, merely saying that the name was the same.

Mr. Grey was a thoroughly respectable man, and Mr. Scarborough, though upright and honorable in many dealings, had not been thoroughly respectable.

[Footnote 174: "It (difference on the Catholic question) was an evil submitted to by the government, of which Mr. Fox, Lord Grenville, and Lord Grey were members, in the years 1806, 1807, as well as by the governments of Mr. Perceval, Lord Liverpool, and the Duke of Wellington.

When the Whig party came into power, and Lord Grey became Secretary for the Colonies, the Oregon difficulty had been happily settled, and it was no longer necessary or desirable that the colony should be governed by a military officer.

Of the trio referred to, Grey is the greatest figure, and most attractive and complex study.

The household which is in her house To the happiest fate has been destined; Grey and glossy are their garments; Twisted and fair is their flowing hair.

Messrs. Grey & Barry, of Lincoln's Inn, were his lawyers, who were quite gentlemen.

Their dispositions are very different, the grey being fiercer and more pugnacious.

Carry Grey was quite this many years over twenty-one, and was going to emigrate with her husband to Missouri, and to settle in the thriving young town of St. Louis, fast growing up then into a city.

Lord Grey and his family were the personification of her beau ideal of perfection, as I must say they are of mine," continued Byron, "and might serve as the finest specimens of the pure English patrician breed, of which so few remain."

None knew better than Dan'l that the grey was a screw.

" Lady Jane Grey and the daughters of Sir Anthony Cooke are familiar examples of learned women, and many English titled and gentlewomen were well versed in Greek and Latin, as well as in Spanish, Italian, and French.

25 Metaphors for  grey