32 collocations for mailing

" Louise spoke as calmly as if she had not mailed Patricia's defiant letter to Aunt Jane, or discovered her cousin's identity in the little hair-dresser from Madame Borne's establishment.

"I'll have Mary mail you a check on Tuesday.

He mailed a copy to Myra with a brief note: DEAR MYRA,Here's the answer to your question.

They are full of the clatter and bluster of German militariststhe mailed fist, the shining armour.

Sit down immediately and write the letter and I 'll mail it first thing in the morning, so he 'll get it before he has time to make other arrangements.

Joe e-mailed the company to inquire but received no answer.

So I signed on to serve King George an' his missus an' kids for ever an' ever, or duration of war, Amen, with a mental footnote, which last was the only part I mentioned in mailing my dad, that I was a Benevolent Neutral.

Certain winged and mailed denizens of the field seem to reach their heyday along with the plants they most affect.

It seems Miss Taylor had given the girl the letter to mail the previous evening and had indeed made a considerable point of its being mailed.

These arms no more shall fold thee to my breast, No more with thee my soul be doubly blest; No, drowned in blood thy lifeless body lies, For ever torn from these desiring eyes; Friendless, alone, beneath a foreign sky, Thy mail thy death-clothesand thy father, by; Why did not I conduct thee on the way, And point where Rustem's bright pavilion lay?

Acts, for instance, which aim at producing exalted emotional effect among ordinary slow-witted peopleBurke's dagger, Louis Napoleon's tame eagle, the German Kaiser's telegrams about Huns and mailed fistsmay do so, and therefore be in the end politically successful, although they produce spontaneous laughter in men whose conception of good political manners is based upon the idea of self-restraint.

But scarce were the words spoken, than, with great back low-crouched, Ulf sprang, and whirling mighty Walkyn aloft, mailed feet on high, held him writhing above the fire: then, swinging about, hurled him, rolling over and over, upon the ling; so lay Walkyn awhile propped on an elbow, staring on Ulf with wide eyes and mouth agape what time, strung for sudden action, Beltane sat cross-legged upon the green, looking from one to the other.

Now did their many pursuers shout amain, fierce and joyful, goading their horses to swifter pace what time Beltane frowned from them to Sir Fidelis, who stood, mailed hands tight-clasped, watching Beltane eager and great-eyed.

Pages and genii and mailed heroes take the place of angels, and the marine details of Roman reliefs are copied in the subordinate decoration.

Horses, mailed knights, vassals are mixed together in wild confusion; banners are waving and lances flashing amid the dust and smoke, while the wounded and dying are trodden under foot in darkness and blood.

All this "evidence" Ardmore got together with great relish, and mailed the mass of stuff, that same night, to the Secretary of the Navy at Washington.

"We'll mail the money to Olsen....

"I hope you will not refuse to mail my notes, even under these trying circumstances,"!

Sometimes she sent him an article clipped from the magazines or newspapers dealing with some scientific subject, and once she mailed him a number of little photographs which she had taken with her own camera and which might reveal to him, if he were inclined to follow their suggestions, something of the life in which she was engaged.

| Single Copies, for sale by all newsmen, (or mailed from this | | office, free,) Ten Cents.

In this connection, one of our worst problems is to learn from those who mail us subscription orders whether they are simply forwarding for other people or are sending the paper at their expense in the hope of making a convert or of introducing it to someone, with the hope that she will want to continue the subscription.

I will also mail him the sporting papers regularly.

Now, after the lapse of but a single year, these obstacles, it has been discovered, are far less formidable than they were supposed to be, and mail stages with passengers now pass and repass regularly twice in each week, by a common wagon road, between San Francisco and St. Louis and Memphis in less than twenty-five days.

When you are out of these Blanks, advise, and we will mail new supply free

To the Senate and House of Representatives: I communicate herewith a letter of the Postmaster-General, with accompanying correspondence, in relation to mail transportation between our Atlantic and Pacific possessions, and earnestly commend the subject to the early consideration of Congress.

32 collocations for  mailing