471 examples of derision in sentences

I therefore fired a pistol over them, but was answered by a shout of derision, which no doubt would have been soon followed by a shower of spears had we not compelled them to retreat by a discharge of small shot directed into the scrub, after which we were not further molested.

" With another unholy shout of derision Wattie was raised and set on the bridge.

The sovereigns could not at discretion, or by the want of it, play the bloody game of war for their mere amusement; and the emperor putting in his claim at this epoch to his ancient rights of sovereignty over Brabant, as an imperial fief, the council and the people treated the demand with derision.

This namewhich was given by Dr. Johnson in derision, because of the fantastic form of Donne's poetryis often applied to all minor poets of the Puritan Age.

None of this discussion was either derision or burlesque.

The waves of derision were stayed by no barrier, but made a clear breach over you.

" In 1834, during the second term of Jackson's office, there were committees sent to investigate the affairs of the Bank, who were very cavalierly treated by Biddle, so that their mission failed, amid much derision.

His respect will be taken as an insult, his refinement for derision, and his fine discourses for ridiculous pretexts.

Sime flung a jeer from the top of the canoe, the women snickered in his face, cries of derision rose in his wake, but he took no notice, pressing onward to the house of Scundoo.

The children swarmed mockingly about his feet, and the air was wild with laughter and derision, but that was all.

If the book of St. Dionysius had contained nothing but the derision and confutation of all we have just read, it is certain that he doth in no way concern himself with the harmless Millennarians, but with the Jews and Judaizers.

The kutwal and factor laughed in derision at this present, saying, that this was no fit present for their king, the poorest merchant presenting one more valuable.

Whilst they were disputing with one another, Caiphas and some of the other members of the Council employed themselves in questioning Jesus, and turning his answers into derision.

A large body of councillors, with Caiphas at their head, were still in the room, and they looked with both delight and approbation at the shameful scene which was enacted, beholding with pleasure the most sacred ceremonies turned into derision.

" She smiled in derision.

" "All right," said Buck, forcing a grin of derision, "so long, Hal." Purvis frowned at him with narrowing eyes.

He remembered the looks of scorn and derision that had met him as he had taken his way to the office, and, with a glow at his heart, the few simple, kindly words of welcome and the firm grasp of the hand from the Principal.

Let him refuse, in the face of derision, and reproach, and opposition.

That later years proved the idol's feet to be of clay, that he fell from his pedestal to end his days an object of contempt and derision, only served to those who knew him in the pride of his youth to mingle pity with the glamour of romance that still surrounds his name.

In the man's eyes, I had but replaced my father; I was another patient subject for his mockery, derision and abuse.

The air was filled with drum-beats, shouts of encouragement and derision, and the sound of the heavy blows which were administered to the unlucky bridegroom by each successive detachment of women as he ran the gantlet.

It was as though I had found my way behind a towering wall that now closed me in with a smile of contemptuous derision.

he interrupted, and he gave a kind of grim chuckle of derision.

On starry heights A bugle wails the long recall; Derision stirs the deep abyss, Heaven's ominous silence over all.

" "You ought to write criticisms for Blackwood, really, Miss Monfort, and give a woman's reason for every opinion," with ill-concealed derision.

471 examples of  derision  in sentences