Which preposition to use with  efforts

Which preposition to use with efforts

I turned, with a great effort of will, and made toward my chair.

From that date, until the date of his death, he was actively interested in every detail relating to Base Ball which might pertain to the advancement of the sport, and his principal effort in his future participation in the game was to see that it advanced on the lines of the strictest integrity and in such a manner that its foundation should be laid in the rock of permanent success.

There was a hint of effort at restraint in the captain's voice.

The Merced River, as a whole, is remarkably like an elm-tree, and it requires but little effort on the part of the imagination to picture it standing upright, with all its lakes hanging upon its spreading branches, the topmost eighty miles in height.

He was very shy (one saw it was an effort for him every time that any one was brought up to him

In point of true magnanimity, I apprehend the spirit of Caesar would very willingly confess, that his own celebrated attempts to reduce Gaul and Britain were low and little achievements, when compared to the unexampled efforts by which Howard endeavoured to exterminate or subdue (those enemies more terrific) the Gaol Fever, and the Plague.

It is not self-centred or wholly denominational in spirit, but recognizes itself to be a part of a catholic body of believers, reaches out with friendly coöperation to near-by churches, extends its missionary efforts to other neighborhoods or lands, and partakes of a world-life, a world-love!

The cottagers evidently loved the little nests in which they dwelt, and did their best to make them beautiful, and succeeded more than tolerably well,so kindly did Nature help their humble efforts with its verdure, flowers, moss, lichens, and the green things that grew out of the thatch.

Gifford seemed to rouse himself by an effort from an absorbing train of thought.

Obviously, they are not to be brought without considerable effort into a position of tried and trusted friendship.

The German commitments in Europe were too overwhelming to permit of their rendering the Turks adequate support for a renewed effort against Egypt after the failure of the attack on the Canal in February 1915.

By a curious coincidence, both these free peoples, in their efforts towards national unity, were led to frame federal unions, and one of these political achievements is, from the stand-point of universal history, of very great significance.

Sometimes, when two were in full career towards one another, each would appear dexterously to get out of the other's way; sometimes a crowd would assemble and jostle one another, with as much semblance of individual effort as a spectator on the Grands Mulets might observe with a telescope among the specks representing men in the valley of Chamounix.

"We must take our chances in the first dense thicket, wherein may be found a stout tree, that we come across," he replied, "an' now instead of tryin' to get a sight of the fortification, turn all your efforts toward findin' a hidin'-place."

Yet, in spite of this daemoniac effort after uniformity, they are still the strangest congeries of racial and social types that has ever been placed at a single Government's mercy.

The global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), launched in 1993, is a collaborative effort between the World Health Organisation (WHO), the National Institutes of Health USA (NIH), and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

So far as I could make out, there was no more vigilant guard kept after we were taken than before, and the lad must have succeeded in getting speech with us had he made the effort during those times when the savages gave themselves up to dancing or feasting, as occurred at least once in every eight and forty hours.

Each step that I took, seemed a greater effort than the one before.

Things could work smoothly enough in these circumstances, as the two Houses represented the same interests and the same class, and the territorial aristocracy dominated without effort over a silent and subservient people.

All she asked was to be helped; she demanded from all her children an effort like her own.

Many later writers have been added, so that the work more fully represents the rapid development of literary effort among us.

He extended his hand, and thrust it without an effort through the wall of the room by the fireplace.

In order to achieve such results it would have been necessary for the human family to coordinate its efforts around an agreed division of labor, share the goods and services produced and move from one level of affluence to a level of abundance.

Fenty has championed development efforts across the district.

Such, in my opinion, will prove to be the fate of the present sectional excitement should those who wisely seek to apply the remedy continue always to confine their efforts within the pale of the Constitution.

Let them not doubt, when the Almighty has decreed the balance in favour of virtuous actions, that their efforts under the new system will work together for their good, so that their temporal redemption may be at hand.

Again they ceased trying to talk since it proved such an effort without resorting to the little wireless telephone arrangement.

Until all this has taken place the churches may not slacken any of their efforts; nay, to accomplish this there must be an increase of effort beyond all that the churches have ever yet put forth.

A lady in North Carolina remarked to a friend of mine, about eighteen months since, "Northerners know nothing at all about slavery; they think it is perpetual bondage only; but of the depth of degradation that word involves, they have no conception; if they had, they would never cease their efforts until so horrible a system was overthrown."

History shows us constantly that the great reformers have been those who felt and followed the general feeling of their times, who became mouthpieces for the great mass of thought and effort behind them, not those who struggled against the tide.

A passenger, one of the three on the beam astern, felt too numb and wearied out to retain his hold by the spar any longer; he left it, and swimming with a desperate effort up to the boat, begged in God's name to be taken in.

To have been as beautiful as another woman, and to be so no longer, although she embellishes herself every day, and to suffer her presence every day, is, I vow, an effort beyond the strength of the most reasonable woman, greater than the most determined philosophy.


Responsibility of the GovernorsEmpire beautiful and productiveHumane Efforts of the EmperorBlind Submission to his WillGreat Number of Negroes naturalizedThe Moors might be truly formidableEmperor's BrotherFez divided into two PartsMagnificent MosquesCommercial PrivilegesIndignities which Christians undergoSingular Supply of WaterThe Imperial GardensPropensity to defraudFactoriesExportsCostumeCharacter-Manner of LivingDomestic Vermin.

He had as much food and as much money as Sextus, and therefore hoped to overthrow him without effort before a great while.

Martin Griffiths warns of collapse of peace efforts amid rise in violence between Saudi-UAE coalition and Houthis.

Was he not to reap some reward for his heroic efforts along the Lachlan, to enjoy the realisation of some of his ambition as geographical discoverer?

Efforts as peacemaker.

Results of the Efforts at Reform Reviewing what the reform party of this age aimed at and obtained, we find that it undoubtedly exerted itself with patriotism and energy to check, and to a certain extent succeeded in checking, the spread of decaymore especially the falling off of the farmer class and the relaxation of the old strict and frugal habitsas well as the preponderating political influence of the new nobility.

Denial is not an option, Cuomo said, adding that if jurisdictions don’t resolve police/community issues and redesign public safety, he would take away the city’s funding allotted to help with recovery efforts due to the coronavirus pandemic.

EFFORTS TO LOCALIZE THE WAR Then began efforts on the part of Great Britain to localize the war.

Now they found themselves chatting without effort about the landscape, the horses' pace, the Commandant and his hospitality, the arrangements of the prison, and the prospects of a cosy dinner at Moreton Hampstead.


Néanmoins, la Russie ne discontinua pas ses efforts en faveur de la paix.

When a sally was suddenly made, the attacking party, being cavalry, was driven back without effort down the slope.

But it was their unseen, relentless and determined effort off the field as students that kept their lives as student-athletes in true balance.

That is why designers are usually specialized in some areas than others in order to make the best efforts out of themselves.

Additionally, the council will soon launch new efforts outside of the police department that aim to address the root causes of violence, such as new community ambassadors, using $1.5 million in the 2020 budget.

His initial effort beside the Sumas dyke was a dairy farm, which operated until 1935.

A break through the middle allowed the Irishman to roll a ball into the path of Mackenzie, who showed good composure to steer his effort past Nick Draper and into the top corner.