Which preposition to use with genius

of Occurrences 1263%

It was easy, indeed, to see that he secretly cherished a hope that the day would come, when the whole of Hindostan would be emancipated from its European masters, and assume that rank among nations to which the genius of its inhabitants entitled it.

for Occurrences 252%

So when Perdosa sets his genius for lock-picking to the task, the inner box, full of the genuine article, has no warning sign-post, so to speak.

in Occurrences 228%

If there is an unusual genius in the bootblacksome remnant of ancient Greecehe plays such a lively tune that one's shoulders jig to it.

to Occurrences 71%

Would there have been enough of that instability that drives on the genius to his goal?

as Occurrences 54%

Nor is it clear that such men of genius as St. Ambrose, Prudentius, St. Gregory the Great, were ignorant of the rules and models of the best Latin poets.

than Occurrences 37%

Were no other proof forthcoming of Lorenzo's marvellous diplomatic genius than this one fact, that he checkmated the political schemes of Sixtus, and finally so neutralized his influence as to render him wellnigh impotent for evil-doing, such an achievement was sufficient to stamp him one of the greatest masters of statecraft Europe has known.

with Occurrences 28%

Endow the woman who shows genius with time.

from Occurrences 28%

Then one day an electrical genius from Mars came to Oz to discuss a contract to build satellite dishes.

on Occurrences 22%

The great master himself was probably vastly superior to any of his disciples, and impressed his genius on the age, having, so far as we know, no rival among his contemporaries, as he has had no successor among the moderns of equal originality and power, unless it be Michael Angelo.

at Occurrences 22%

For although Dr. Mary Arkroyd was, and knew herself to be, no dazzling genius at her professionin moments of candor she would speak of having "scraped through" her qualifying examinationsshe had a high opinion of her own common sense and her power of guiding weaker mortals.

without Occurrences 19%

He was likewise very liberal to Mr. Speed the celebrated chronologer: finding him a man of extensive knowledge, and his occupation and circumstances mean, so that his genius was depressed by poverty, he enabled him to prosecute his studies, and pursue the bent of his genius without being obliged to drudge at a manual employment for his bread.

like Occurrences 16%

Young geniuses like you, who have been green enough to sell your souls to "truth

into Occurrences 12%

In 1786 she bore him the child who was to realise the father's one great and vicarious ambition: to bring a musical genius into the world.

by Occurrences 11%

He was the good genius by the side of Brougham in most of what he did for the public, either on education, law reform, or any other subject.

among Occurrences 8%

But foremost in genius among the great statesmen of the day was George Canning, who, however, did not reach the summit of his ambition until the latter part of the reign of George IV.

above Occurrences 5%

It is true that Coleridge saw in them the signs of the dawn of a new era, and wrote thus of 'Descriptive Sketches', before he knew its author, "Seldom, if ever, was the emergence of a great and original poetic genius above the literary horizon more evidently announced."

through Occurrences 4%

Diffusing the rich and facile treasures of his genius through a host of lesser men, he had almost ceased to be a personality.

within Occurrences 4%

The poetic genius within him, as Blake called it, struggled on from one dogma concerning his nature to another.

out Occurrences 3%

Along the edge of the mesa where it drops off to the valley, dust devils begin to rise white and steady, fanning out at the top like the genii out of the Fisherman's bottle.

over Occurrences 3%

Probably there never was a greater instance of the power of genius over the weakness of the flesh.

under Occurrences 2%

We are devoted royalists, but we can still respect and admire patriotism and genius under whatever government they flourish."

before Occurrences 2%

What! is not genius before rules?

during Occurrences 2%

It was a period of training for the fuller fruitage of his genius during the Civil War.

amongst Occurrences 2%

But when Mr. Thomson delivered the discourse, they had then reason to reproach themselves for want of discernment, and for indulging a contempt of one superior to the brightest genius amongst them.

beside Occurrences 2%

On the lower step rests a mourning Genius beside a sleeping lion, and a bas-relief on the pyramid above represents an angel carrying Christina's image, surrounded with the emblem of eternity, to Heaven.

Which preposition to use with  genius