Which preposition to use with kept

in Occurrences 2210%

Each one would, in that case, instead of having half his neighbour's cattle, have all his own; and, being kept in their native pastures, they would be less likely to stray away, and you could therefore slay and eat as you wanted them; whereas, in your hunting matches many more are either killed or maimed than are wanted for present use, and they are consequently consumed in waste.

from Occurrences 723%

But down in the forest region the greater portion comes gently to the ground, light and feathery, some of the flakes in mild weather being nearly an inch in diameter, and it is evenly distributed and kept from drifting to any great extent by the shelter afforded by the large trees.

to Occurrences 634%

My sister asked me no questions; for it is not by any means the first time that I have kept to my study for a whole day, and sometimes a couple of days at a time, when I have been particularly engrossed in my books or work.

out Occurrences 619%

My wary enemy, who had little expected to see me here, and who had travelled as much to keep out of my way as to see the country, conjectured my purpose, from the consciousness of what he had done to provoke it.

at Occurrences 567%

All the rest were deputies, who had telegraphed at the last moment they would not come, were kept at Versailles by an important question.

on Occurrences 554%

But now I can keep on the mask no longer, nor conceal the sorrow which shame makes all the greater.

with Occurrences 516%

It would appear that this part of the lake requires some improvement to make it in keeping with the rest of the water system with which it is connected.

for Occurrences 514%

[Sidenote: Odes ii, 13, 35] Claudius was a trifle perturbed (it was a little white bitch he used to keep for a pet) when he spied this black shag-haired hound, not at all the kind of thing you could wish to meet in the dark.

within Occurrences 197%

"But I can take it that, provided I keep within the law, His Majesty's Governor will not stand in my way?" "I can promise you that.

under Occurrences 156%

It was agreed that the two occupants of the "Main-top" had special opportunity for getting out of the house if so minded; every other room had one or more fellows in it who had suffered the loss of some property; and lastly, Kennedy was known to possess a pair of hob-nailed fishing-boots, which he usually kept under his bed.

as Occurrences 141%

Had I known him as well then as I did afterwards I would have backed him for every dollar I had, for he proved to be one of the swiftest ponies I ever saw, and had evidently been kept as a racer.

of Occurrences 102%

" "Do I then journey to Bourne, my father?" "Aye, to Sir Benedict, who yet doth hold the great keep of Thrasfordham.

near Occurrences 76%

Others keeping near the ground glided behind separate groves, and brought them forward into relief with admirable distinctness; or, passing in front, eclipsed whole groves in succession, pine after pine melting in their gray fringes and bursting forth again seemingly clearer than before.

by Occurrences 47%

It is the balance between human industries and human needs which I hold for my part of the world, and which others are continually trying to wrest from me, and which I must keep by all means, fair or foul.

along Occurrences 37%

Entering the valley, and keeping along the mountains on the southeast, after ascending fifteen li, the travellers came to mount Gridhra-kûta.

before Occurrences 36%

I hope that the book went out on a Saturday noon when the spirits rise for the holiday to come, and that a rainy Sunday followed, so that my single reader was kept before his fire.

about Occurrences 25%

Mindful of his promise to Edith Morriston, Hugh Gifford kept about the town with the object of coming across Henshaw and getting to know, if possible, something of his intentions.

after Occurrences 25%

Thank you for keeping after me until I let those prisoners go.

until Occurrences 22%

A few days before the Presidential election in July, 1910, when making a speech in Monterey, Madero was arrested as a disturber of the peace and thrown into prison, where he was kept until the close of the poll.

above Occurrences 20%

Not until near the middle of June did the Athletics gain a strangle hold on the upper half of the league standing, from that time on they kept above the .500 mark, and toward the end of June they met the White Sox coming back.

between Occurrences 20%

Kneel down and strike a match, keeping between the light and the window.

without Occurrences 20%

They are prepared without difficulty, by attending to a very few directions; they are somewhat expensive, but may be kept without spoiling for a considerable time.

behind Occurrences 19%

The rest of the party made a detour of nearly five miles, keeping behind the crest of a hill.

during Occurrences 18%

The original British diaries kept during Montgomery and Arnold's beleaguerment have been published by the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec in two volumes, at the end of which there is a very useful bibliography showing the whereabouts of the actual manuscripts of these and many other documents in English, French, and German.

among Occurrences 17%

And from those depths came up some shining sands of truth, worth keeping among treasures; having a phosphorescent light in them, which can shine in dark places, and, making them light as day, reveal their beauty.

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