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8 Verbs to Use for the Word « arbitrators »

8 Verbs to Use for the Word « arbitrators »

  • All turned away from him to salute Tarquin, who, on silence being proclaimed, being advised by those next him to make some excuse for having come so late, said that he had been chosen arbitrator between a father and a son: that, from his anxiety to reconcile them, he had delayed: and, because that duty had taken up that day, that on the morrow he would carry out what he had determined.
  • These being brought to him on the day which he had ordered, he appoints arbitrators between the states, who should estimate the damages and determine the reparation.
  • "And why," continued my arbitrator, astonishment grief, and a desire to retain his self-possession, strong contending in his countenance and voice, "do you fix on this young man as the instrument of the depredation?"
  • The Federalists, therefore, must control the arbitrator.
  • I believe that this undesirable result can be in large measure avoided by eliminating arbitrators of the litigant nations.
  • At last I looked at him good-humouredly, and politely requested him, as though he were the court itself, to suspend his judgment while I had the honour of addressing the arbitrator for twenty minutes, "at the end of which time I promise to make you, sir," said I, "the most miserable man in existence.
  • " "Pure matter of opinion," said the disgusted Major; "it really seems as though we want an arbitrator.
  • The merchant said "You can of course eat me, but let us consult an arbitrator as to whether it is fair."

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