36 Verbs to Use for the Word batches

Some inspiration had induced Mr. Merrick to send down a batch of eighteen framed pictures, procured at a bargain but from a reliable dealer.

An upper deck of the steamship Mauretania, sister ship of the ill-fated Lusitania, as she steamed into New York harbor, bringing back the first batch of returning troops.

Mrs. Burton was making a batch of bread, and had to limit her welcome to cheery words and smiles; but the twins immediately claimed him as an old friend, rushing upon him with a freedom from shyness which was surprising, until one knew that they were never troubled with that complaint at home.

Instances have been observed where cottagers have gone to much expense (for them) to build ovens, and after baking a few batches abandoned the project.

In the infancy of New Netherland, when it consisted merely of two trading posts, the company delivered its first batch of negroes at New Amsterdam.

" The Athenaeum a fortnight since drew forth a batch of these jests with antique humour richly dight, and here they are.

Parody "When It's Watermelon Time in Dixie" After "When It's Apple Blossom Time in Normandie" (Sing with appropriate motions) Repeat: When it's watermelon time in Dixie Land Ah wants to be Right dher you see In dat dear old melon patch To eat a batch!

On my way I encountered two batches of small black fry, Hannah's children and poor Psyche's children, looking really as neat and tidy as children of the bettermost class of artisans among ourselves.

Gabriel translated faithfully Don Antolin's explanation, repeating it again and again with imperturbable gravity, while the canons who escorted the batch of strangers drew a few paces away with an absent look, to avoid questions.

An unnecessary precaution, as it turned out; Mr. Robbins, having filled that batch, went to the horses farther down the troughs to look for more canteens.

A certain quantity of this material may then be used along with other marks of jute to form a batch suitable for the intended yarn.

JOKELY"I got a batch of aeroplane jokes ready and sent them out last week.

" A minute later Jack gave them another little batch of news.

Then the butterfly will live for about 2 weeks, and within the first few days, will lay only one batch of eggs.

In the morning, she went for a walk, gathered wildflowers for the kitchen table, and mixed a batch of bread, placing it to rise in the sun, covered with a dishcloth.

There was more life at Bruggabrong in a day than you crawlers 'ud see here all yer lives," she retorted with vigour, energetically pommelling a batch of bread which she was mixing.

Here were two old silver candle-sticks, which I lit, and went upstairs: in the drawing-room sat my old house-keeper, placidly dead in a rocking-chair, her left hand pressing down a batch of the open piano-keys, among many strangers.

"I tell you a lump of sour dough, kept over to raise the next batch, is worth more in this country than a pocket full of gold.

I have also received batches of answers from various educational establishments both in England and America, which were made after the masters had fully explained the meaning of the questions, and interested the boys in them.

Now, for your purpose, I would recommend a batch of neat, but not over-close, binary systems, selected so as to have always one or the other on hand.

Down this trench the wounded were passed, and a fresh working party relieved the cramped and tired batch who had commenced the work.

Lovely woman is well represented the batch, with all the characters of which PUNCHINELLO hopes to present his readers, from time to time.

With her lovely arms bared halfway to the shoulders she rolled out a batch of biscuits.

On the whole, it will be found advantageous, when the same grade of jute is required, to select a batch from different balers' marks so that throughout the various seasons an average quality may be produced.

"To-day," he continued, after a pause, "Peters' are going to sell a batch of plants from the Andamans and the Indies.

36 Verbs to Use for the Word  batches