8 Words to use with float

The paddle wheels may either be formed with fixed float boards for engaging the water, like the boards of a common undershot water wheel, or they may be formed with feathering float boards as they are termed, which is float boards movable on a centre, and so governed by appropriate mechanism that they enter and leave the water in a nearly vertical position.

See the li-lies, round and large, Float-ing near the reed-y marge, Where the bul-rush has its place And the hea-vy wa-ter-mace.

In one there was no water, but in that at the platform, the float-lever, barely tilted toward the float, showed that there was some in the boiler.

A small float of wood is placed in the open leg to show the rise or fall of the mercury, and this leg is surmounted by a brass scale, graduated in inches, to the marks of which the float points.

The float is usually formed of stone or iron, and is so counterbalanced as to make its operation the same as if it were a buoy of timber; and it is generally put in connection with the feed valve, so that in proportion as the float rises, the supply of feed water is diminished.

I heed not, if My rippling skiff Float swift or slow from cliff to cliff; With dreamful eyes My spirit lies Under the walls of Paradise.

On the surface of the water float blossoms, while at the back, banked with mosses and flowers, splashes and sparkles a little waterfall.

A change made by Day in the exhaust arrangements had neglected the heating jackets of the carburetters; one float valve was bent and one clutch troublesome.

8 Words to use with  float