81 Metaphors for talks

His business talks were the old-fashioned kind, beginning: "Well, now, looka here.

Such talk is mere ingenious guess-work at best, without any of the foundations of a true historical analogy.

He declared, later and to others, for Merle was not his son, that the young man was highly languageous and highly crazy; that his talk was the crackling of thorns under a pot; that he was a vain canter"forever canting," said Sharon"a buffle-headed fellow, talking, bragging."

I heard you telling a crowd in there last night" Bill tilted his head backward towards the room behind them"that this law-and-order talk is all a farce.

His talk as it is set down by Boswell is his best monument.

All natural talk is a festival of ostentation; and by the laws of the game each accepts and fans the vanity of the other.

He frequented their house, and his free and rattling talk was no unpleasing variety to Othello, who was himself of a more serious temper: for such tempers are observed often to delight in their contraries, as a relief from the oppressive excess of their own: and Desdemona and Cassio would talk and laugh together, as in the days when he went a courting for his friend.

He may be only dozing, and any such talk would then be gross cruelty.

I had come to be the looked-at of all lookers; the talked-of of all talkers; was the guest of Geo. A. Nurse, the U.S. Attorney, dined with the Governor, and was praised by the press.

"Humboldt was always considered a good-tempered, kindly-natured man, but his talk was a little fault-finding.

"It is the negro dialect," says Joel Chandler Harris, "in its most primitive statethe 'Gullah' talk of some of the negroes on the Sea Islands being merely a confused and untranslatable mixture of English and African words.

The talk about a professorship was in her estimation the wayward, humorous whim of an eccentric who was fond of solemn joking.

" Just as he entered Harewood, a gentleman took his horse by the bridle, asked him where he had been, talked with him long, and to whom Samuel's talk was a wonderful consolation.

It is this fact which gives such verisimilitude to the prattle of Bruno; childish talk is a thing which a grown-up person cannot possibly invent.

Hour after hour the talk became fouler, the voices hoarser, the curses and shoutings more incoherent, until three of the five had closed their blood-shot eyes, and dropped their swimming heads upon the table.

Now, Martha, I imagine this talk of yours is all hot air, and worked off on me not because the girls want society, but because you want it for 'em.

"Talk of me being a Brat," cries the Brat, triumphantly.

But their talk at dinner was desultory and rather serious.

And seated beside himself at dinner he would discover that he was a pretentious bore, that his talk was windy commonplace, his breezy manner an offence, his fine accent an unpleasant affectation.

Talk is a creature of the street and market-place, feeding on gossip; and its last resort is still in a discussion on morals.

He had learned of them while on shipboard, and he had some difficulty in restraining his rising indignation, so it was with considerable warmth that he answered: "Do you think your gains of more value than the human lives sacrificed on the frontier?" "Such talk is treason," cried Price.

The talk about his incomprehensible action was the turning-point in the fortunes of the book.

The talk of the morning had become a sort of roll-call of church boards.

Talk of principlesit was politics, and nothing less.

Her talk was blithe.

81 Metaphors for  talks