67 Verbs to Use for the Word constables

" "Ethel," said Joe, with the calmness of despair, "you'll have to telephone over to the Junction and ask them to send a constable here at once.

V. be in debt &c adj.; owe; incur a debt, contract a debt &c n.; run up a bill, run up a score, run up an account; go on tick; borrow &c 788; run into debt, get into debt, outrun the constable; run up debts, run up bills (spend) 809.

"And suddenly, without any intention, or realization of what I was saying, I asked the landlord: "'What were the feet like?' "I received no answer; for the inspector was ordering the constable to open the cellar door, and the man was not obeying.

"Lord Arthur Skelmerton was then called and substantially repeated what he had already told the constables.

In case of disturbance he may appoint as many special constables as he may think necessary, and he may discharge them whenever he thinks their services no longer needed.

" Thus communing within himself, he called his constables together and told them what was in his mind.

"I vow to God that with His grace they will not abide in them," rejoined the constable; and he gave orders for the most vigorous assault.

When the present governor, in making his tour of the island, came into St. Thomas in the East, some of the planters of Manchioneal district hired a negro constable on one of the estates to go to the governor and complain to him that Mr. Chamberlain encouraged the apprentices to be disorderly and idle.


Mr. Tyson seeing that there was not a minute to be lost, requested the constables to go on board with him for the purpose of rescuing the free man who had been deprived of his rights.

What flowers?" "You know well enough," retorted the constable.

" "That's no crime, 'cordin' to the statoots," declared the constable.

"'Holler, bhoys!' shouted the grinning constable; and the 'bhoys' complied with raucous enthusiasm.

On the opposite side were placed the city constables, dressed in silk and velvet, with staffs in their hands, to prevent the breaking in of the mob, or any other disturbance.

This plan rested upon the assumption that the king would, as he had announced, leave the constable in France with an honorable title and an apparent share in the government of the kingdom, though really isolated and debarred from action.

He summoned his constable, and commanded him swiftly to write out the safe conduct, that would bring the baron to his side.

"But how can it be otherwise?" asked the constable.

" "No, but we might find a special constable.

"Put it on to frighten the constable," said her husband.

"Conver" gasped the astonished constable.

The king complained of the gentleness with which the prisoner had been treated on arrival, and wrote to one of the commissioners, "It seems to me that you have but one thing to do; that is, to find out what guarantees the Duke of Nemours had given the constable of being at one with him in making the Duke of Burgundy regent, putting me to death, seizing my lord the dauphin, and taking the authority and government of the realm.

"I think we ought to hear the constable," said the red-faced man, and there was a murmur of agreement.

" "Never mind about deceiving," interrupted the constable.

It was pouring with rain, but we were elated in spirit; we had our commissions; things were going to happen; we felt almost in case to jostle a constable.

The only way he could prevent this man from arresting him was to kill the constable; and if he killed him, other jaunty red-coated youths would come to kill or be killed.

67 Verbs to Use for the Word  constables