119 Verbs to Use for the Word prophets

And Frank proved a good prophet.

"It is among such men, with cultivated intellects, sensitive nerves, and bad digestion, that we find the prophets and disciples of pessimism."

"You will learn to like me, children," answered Mr. Price, with an effort to be pleasant; but it needed no prophet to see that there was trouble in the near future.

"Is anything too hard for the Lord?" asked the prophet of old: and we have a right to ask it as long as time shall last.

It does not appear that Saul ever saw the prophet; and it surely required no supernatural intelligence to communicate all the information he obtained.

And our Lord sent a prophet to Eli because he corrected not his sons, and said he would take the office from him and from his house, and that there should not be an old man in his house and kindred, but should die ere they came to man's estate, and that God should raise a priest that should be faithful and after his heart.

No doubt the Jews thought the prophets and apostles in their day, just as harsh and uncharitable as slaveholders now, think Abolitionists; if they did not, why did they beat, and stone, and kill them?

There is a sense in which the worthy child of a nation that has brought forth illustrious prophets, high and unique among the poets of the world, is bound by their visions.

She took the prophet by the hand, conducted him to her home, gave him the best chamber in her house, and in a strange devotion of generosity divided with him the last remnant of her meal and oil.

No man will now accuse the prophets and apostles of abuse, but what have Abolitionists done more than they?

You may be a madman, and believe yourself a prophet.

my fathers were so before me, even in the times when our people had a home amidst the pyramids of the mightyin the times when you are told the mightier prophets of the Israelites put the soothsayers of Egypt to confusion; idle tales!

The wrathful and puzzled king went out to meet the prophet, not to take vengeance, but to secure relief from a sore calamity,for Ahab reasoned that if Elijah had power, as the messenger of Omnipotence, to send a drought, he also had the power to remove it.

If the limit of development is substantially determined in each individual and cannot be extended by human agencies (I say "human" because God in His wisdom and by His power can raise up a prophet or a saint out of the lowest depths, and frequently does so), then the quantity and extent of general education should be determined not by a period of years and

"Priest of Baal," I cried, "lying prophet!

They had finally been defeatedtheir great war captain killed, their false prophet driven from the Wabash into Canada; and, to crown the whole, were themselves abandoned, one and all, by their allies, at the treaty of Ghent.

Could it be the same who had been born in Bethlehem, thirty-three years ago, at whose birth the star had appeared in heaven, and of whose coming the prophets had spoken? Artaban's heart beat unsteadily with that troubled, doubtful apprehension which is the excitement of old age.

Upon the western borders the feeling of unrest now became most marked; and, more swiftly than was generally recognized, important matters there were going forward; but even in that direction, declared the prophets of peace, all now was more calm than it had been for years.

The Delaware chiefs immediately visited the prophet to dissuade him from commencing hostilities and were grossly insulted.

Hugo is often pompous, shallow, empty, unreal, but he is at least an artist, and when he thinks of the artist and forgets the prophet, as in "Les Chansons des Rues et des Bois," his juggling with the verse is magnificent, superb.

He had a shrewd twin brother, called the prophet, whose mysterious incantation and predictions and pretended visions and spiritual intercourse had inspired the savage mind with great veneration for him as a wonderful "medicine man."

One remark of the special magistrate was worthy a prophet.

"The Jews and the priests have found it good that Simon shall be their leader and high priest forever until there shall arise a trustworthy prophet."1

The Church, terrified by the Reformation, when she chanced to hear those strange voices sounding through 'the blessed mutter of the mass,' burned the prophets.

'Trust in the Lord,' saith the prophet.

119 Verbs to Use for the Word  prophets