39 adverbs to describe how to comfortables

The rest of the men remained to protect their families, and to complete the village; which already presented a very respectable appearance, and promised to afford a tolerably comfortable residence to the new settlers, until they should have leisure and means to erect dwellings more in accordance with their previous habits of life.

MR. PUNCHINELLO having been invited to attend and address the Capital Removal Convention (so called) held in Cincinnati, wrote a letter declining to be present, upon the ground that he was exceedingly comfortable where he was.

Our troops have continued to hold their advanced positions and outposts until now, when, peace being assured, all but a small fraction have been brought to comparatively comfortable barracks near this city.

No objection could well be made, especially as Plotinus did not foresee how many chambermaids, and pages, and cooks, and perfumers, and tiring women and bath attendants would be required, ere Leaena could feel herself moderately comfortable.

Water comes aboard of small vessels, almost without an exception, in head winds and seas; though the contrivances of modern naval architecture have provided defences that make merchant vessels, now, infinitely more comfortable, in this respect, than they were at the period of which we are writing.

Everything was delightfully comfortable and cheerful there.

I feel mighty comfortable.

"That is grand, but decidedly not comfortable.

Overslept myself at last; that sofa is wonderfully comfortable.

But Charlie didn't want me to sacrifice my friends; nor did it require any great amount of heroism to exchange my modestly comfortable home for his decidedly luxurious one; and as for country, nothing on earth could have induced Charlie to leave his own country, much less his own parish, much less his own plantation.

Our hotel was distinctively French, and immensely comfortable, in that it had gleaned, and still retained, the creature comforts of a century or two.

The regiment was relatively very comfortable.

The times, I heard, had often been bad; but I was constantly hearing of "bad times" as a name for actual evenings and mornings when the godfathers who gave them that name appeared to me remarkably comfortable.

We are, I assure you, under the necessity of being oeconomists, where the most abundant wealth could not render us externally comfortable: and the little we procure, by a clandestine disposal of my unnecessary trinkets, is considerably diminished,* by arbitrary impositions of the guard and the poor,** and a voluntary tax from the misery that surrounds us.

I think with a little care we ought to be able to make this room quite decently comfortable.

In the portion of the edifice opposite the entrance-arch are the apartments of the Master; and looking into the window, (as the old woman, at no request of mine, had specially informed me that I might,) I saw a low, but vastly comfortable parlor, very handsomely furnished, and altogether a luxurious place.

On the other hand, we have assigned to the English agricultural laborer what he would regard a proportionately comfortable allowance for the wants of a week.

Rarely comfortable they must have been, too!

And she liked that and didn't move at all; so then I wiped the snow off her back, and she seemed real comfortable.

If he be out of humour, she must frown; if he sigh, she must roar; if he bewhat he very seldom istolerably comfortable, the birds have liberty to sing, and the sun to shine.

He felt strangely comfortable, but there was something in the cabin that stirred him from his rest.

" Rosamond liked that part of it; she enjoyed giving pleasure no less than any; but she had a secret misgiving that we were being very vulgarly comfortable in an underhand way.

People are not "particular" about what church or chapel they belong to in its locality; and some of them who belong to no place seem most wickedly comfortable.

You will find Mrs. Myers a good soul, and though the house is not much to look at, it is comfortable enough inside.

The ponies have admirably comfortable quarters under the verandah.

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