120 adverbs to describe how to plans

If a general has reason to think that a tower or minaret is being used as an observation post, or that a church or mosque is sheltering a body of troops, there are those who hold that he is justified in deliberately planning its destruction, but here was a sacred building with associations held in reverence by all classes and creeds in a land where these things are counted high, and to have set about wrecking it was a crime.

Dwarfing the town that to the hillside clings On terraced slopes, the castle, nobly planned And noble in its ruined greatness, flings Its double challenge to the sea and land.

And to each part thereof belongs Thy love: But for the general welfare wisely planned The parts must suffer change;they do not die, For nature ebbs and flows eternally; But to such change we give the name of Death Or Evil, whensoe'er we feel the strife Which for the universe is joy and life, Though for each part it seems mere lack of breath.

To procure is to get by definitely planned effort something which, in most instances, is of a temporary nature or the possession of which is temporary.

This is a plausible explanation of what is strikingnamely, that the story of the Deluge is quite differently planned from the other episodes upon the vaulting.

They even assumed that we were secretly planning to return thither to dig for buried treasure!

It was wonderful how skilfully this accomplished culinary artist planned some of these situations.

Jackson's brilliant defence at New Orleans was admirably planned and energetically executed.

The whole affair was most cleverly planned.

"As you say, the whole affair was most carefully and ingeniously planned.

Everything had to be planned anew.

Sooner or later they will be driven to take counsel with their fellows, and will then assuredly plan some method of organizing housewives for mutual help and coöperation, and for securing from society some fairer recognition of the true value of the contribution of the domestic woman to the wealth of the community.

Shall we not endeavor to share in some broadly planned, magnificently executed scheme of world-advance?

He imagined that my reading was distasteful and enforced by the older gentlemen, so he was continually planning some diversion, and often invited me to sit with him and listen to his experiences of a sailor's life.

To strike that swinging hand with a snap shot, when a miss meant a bullet fired at his own body at deadly short rangetruly it would take a credulous man to believe that Donnegan had coldly planned to disable his man without killing him.

The dwellings of men of any wealth or rank were very curiously planned, elaborately ornamented, richly painted, and adorned with magnificent tapestry.

I had intended, wherever I might fix my residence, to construct water-wheels, to produce an artificial stream, and to lay out an elegant and regularly planned pleasure ground.

He wandered about the fields, plotting and planning vaguely, but to little purpose.

If such technical instruction is established in one state after another, but planned primarily to suit the needs of boys only, and the only teaching afforded to girls is in the domestic arts, and in the use of the needle and the pastebrush for wage-earning, where will our girls be when a few years hence the skilled trades are full of her only too well-trained industrial rivals?

With all these anxieties and his deeply planned coup d'etat awaiting the moment of action, Ella's simple outburst and even Ranelagh's unexpected and somewhat startling suggestion lost much of their significance.

The Discovery of the Future (1902) and The Future in America (1906) present possibilities of scientifically planning man's further development.

On the other hand, both Germany and Austria have every reason to keep those papers secret if they were jointly planning the war.

Hence the common remark of his officers, of the advantage he derived from councils of war, where hearing all suggestions, he selected whatever was best; and certainly no General ever planned his battles more judiciously.

The busily planning little mind that had suddenly taken possession of her could not help her in the larger aspects of her existence.

There is romance and quaint local color in the feat of the girl who, reversing the story of Hero and Leander, swam over to her lover; in the wooing of the two girls proposing to an unseen man up a tree; in the action of the chief who saved the beautiful girl and her father from dying of thirst, and acted so that his men came to the conclusion he must love her "almost as well" as war; in the slyly planned elopement of Te Ponga.

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