7 Metaphors for potters

One has to be on one's guard the whole time, with that kind.' I deduced that Clare Potter might possibly be that kind.

When the body had been cremated and the mourners were still collected at the spot, the Potter began to speak from the hole in which he was concealed: the bystanders thought that they heard the voice of the Raja declaring that the Potter had always been his true friend and that he desired that he should be given half the kingdom and the hand of his daughter in marriage.

Mr. Potter was a less satisfactory reader; he regarded his wife's books as goods for sale, and his comments were, 'That should go all right.

Bob Potter is a most interesting Negro characterone of the most genial personalities of the Old South that the interviewer has met anywhere.

Clare was, in fact, the public, while Mr. Potter was more the salesman.

In Donatus' day a "potter" was a day-laborer in loin-cloth and leather apron, earning about twenty cents for a long day of fourteen hours.

" Stephen Potter was a bad man, but not a hard-hearted bad man.

7 Metaphors for  potters