33 Metaphors for six

There are a few occasions when interest is in actual number relations, as when a child for himself discovers that two sixes is six twos.

and VI., six of the name were popes:

Our counters rode together, and Californy, leaning over on the pommel of his saddle, said to his pardner, 'What you got?' "'Thirty-three six,' was the answer.

In large establishments, six is a good hour to rise in the summer, and seven in the winter.

The six he had begun are clearly the Dukes and their attendant figures of Day, Night, Dawn, Evening.

Six of the men were Americanseight, including the Master and Bohannan; four English; five French; two Serbian; three Italian; and the others represented New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Cuba, Poland, Montenegro, and Japan.

At the moment every one was cringing in a squall of dust, but as well as could be seen these six were the driver, a colored servant at his side, an artillery corporal, and three officers.

By the influence of slavery in the States where the institution is tolerated, over their elections, no other than a slaveholder can rise to the distinction of obtaining a seat in the Senate; and thus, of the fifty-two members of the federal Senate, twenty-six are owners of slaves, and are as effectually representatives of that interest, as the eighty-eight members elected by them to the House.

Incidentally, six of the eight news items which appeared on page 3 the most popular 'inside' page for Goa news were Margao-based news items.

" "Number Six is a common size," said Racey.

She liked raw eggs, and six were her usual limit.

Fifty-six, for instance, is "Nee-akh-khleep-kin-meen-ye-geet-khin-par-ol-in-nín-míl-li-gen," and it is only fifty-six after it is all pronounced!

The Parthenon had eight, but six was the usual number.

The first six were men of extraordinary talent, and, for the time in which they lived, of extraordinary virtue.

Thus the first six Latin words in A glossed are apodixen, amineæ, amites, arcontus, axungia; the last six are arbusta, anser, affricus, atticus, auiaria, avena; mostly 'hard' Latin it will be perceived.

The first six are the ordinary red rolls, with the exception of No. 4, which is a red mass, the only one of this class direct from the manufacturers.

In all ten people were killed, six of whom were women, and upwards of forty wounded, two of them so terribly that they afterwards died.

Six is a genuine thumb-print; seven is a forgery, though a good one; eight is genuine; nine is, I think, a forgery, though it is a remarkably good imitation.

Weddings are not an unimportant feature, six having been one day's record at The Temple.

Mary Alice Jones (A); 18Apr62; R293834. JONES, NARD. All six were lovers.

Six or seven of the strugglers had been my friends in Paris.

" At half past six came the question, "Your papers?"

It is supposed the children know well there are twenty-six letters in the alphabet; that twenty are called consonants, and that six are vowels.

" "I don't blame you for that, my friend; but in the present state of advices, six at two months is the highest mill that will do.

Of the nine trustees, two are Episcopalians residing in Scotland, one an Episcopalian residing in England, and six are Presbyterians residing in Scotland.

33 Metaphors for  six