25 Words to use with revivals

"Two or three years ago, did I not see you on the platform of revival meetings, and was not your voice the loudest in the hymn?"

HAMLIN, NORMAN A. Greek revival architecture in America: being an account of important trends in American architecture and American life prior to the War Between the States.

Then the quaint old parlor organ with the quaver in its tongue, Seemed to tremble in its fervor as the sacred songs were sung, As we sang the homely anthems, sang the glad revival hymns Of the glory of the story and the light no sorrow dims.

SEE Fife's revival sermons.

" THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT "About two years ago we requested your prayers for the Holy Spirit upon a revival work then in progress in our church."

Kindling for revival fires.

To do so he arose from his bed, retired to a quiet part of his home and bowed in prayer, seeking to occupy the entire night if need be in prayer for the bestowal of the Holy Spirit, and the consequent revival influences of other days.

During the winter considerable revival interest pervaded the congregation, which had now come to fill the Church to suffocation, and not less than seventy-five persons professed conversion.

But here there was nothing of the ghastly terrors of the great revival agitations.

The fact was this, that in recent revival movements, in which he had had large experience, there were few indications of that deep and overwhelming conviction of sin which had been so characteristic a feature of similar revivals in past days.

The romantic revival numbers Napoleon amongst its leaders as well as Byron, Wellington, Pitt and Wilberforce, as well as Keats and Wordsworth.

The outrageous revival-orator may do good to people to whom Bishop Wilberforce or Dr. Caird might preach to no purpose; and if real good be done, by whatever means, all right-minded people should rejoice to hear of it.

And again: "I am very happy here among my patients, and often feel God has sent me here; I have two revival patients; one had found peace before she came, the other is seeking it, and to both I can talk.

Stanley exhibited the true Northfield-revival quality in banking on the superstition of his wavering and frightened followers.

The result of six weeks of untiring effort on the part of Mr. Finney and his confreres was one of those intense revival seasons that swept over the city and through the seminary like an epidemic, attacking in its worst form the most susceptible.

In the course of the day there came to him the thought of the revival services then proceeding in Brooklyn, and feeling a cordial sympathy, he sat down and wrote a letter to Mr. Moody, with these words: "I know not how you are supported, or anything of your needs; but I feel like helping you in your good work.

The greatest poets of the romantic revival strove to capture and convey the influence of nature on the mind, and of the mind on nature interpenetrating one another.

I did not intend to be a hypocrite; but drifted with the revival tide.

Revivals are for the revivalists, and some fine morning these revival towns will arise, rub their sleepy eyes, and Chapman will be but a bad taste in the mouth, and Sunday, Chaeffer, Torrey, Biederwolf and Company, a troubled dream.

Not only was he a shining light in his own parish, but he also went about the country and assisted at revival missions, showing himself everywhere a bright and helpful minister of the Gospel.

The history of a nation must be judged rather by the positive content of its ideals and the positive results which it attains, and herein the Hellenic revival displays certain grave shortcomings.

But to him the profession of religion was an act of the reason, not of revival excitement, and in his ministrations he shunned carefully all the frenzied exhortation of the revivalists.

Mr. Young was an obsolete revival exhorter, whose life did little to illustrate and enforce his givings out.

Thus would be realised the dream of two races, the Czechs and Magyars, whose national revival forms one of the most romantic incidents of the nineteenth century.

I could only understand that I had not been lifted by the divine grace from the condition of total depravity in which I had been born, and I knew that the preternatural indication of my redemption, which would be recognized in the descent of the spirit in the form of the revival frenzy, was wanting.

25 Words to use with  revivals