1842 examples of jail in sentences

"Surely, Oliver, you will not hold as a prisoner the man who saved our little Moppet's life, and that, too (though he makes so light of it) at the risk of his own?" "You will let him go free, brother Oliver," cried Moppet, flying to the young officer's side; "you surely will not clap him into jail?

His life and his keys at once they hae ta'en, And cast the body ahint the wa'. Now sune they reach Newcastle jail, And to the prisoner thus they call: "Sleeps thou, or wakes thou, Jock o' the Side, Or art thou weary of thy thrall?" Jock answered thus,

It is not so long ago that the dock and the bench alike used to be strewn with medicinal herbs, and I believe the custom still survives of furnishing the judge with a nosegay as a preventive of jail-fever.

Like one entranced, he stood, eyes wide opened, and fixed upon the ground, until the constable came, and he found himself being driven away in a coach, to the jail, where he was lodged for the nightstill dazed by the terrible change in his affairs.

The magistrate not being able to ascertain the amount of injury inflicted upon the negro (whose head was dreadfully cut,) but feeling that it was a case which required a greater penalty than three pounds sterling, the amount of punishment to which he was limited by the local acts, detained Maclean, and afterwards committed him to jail, and wrote the next day to the chief justice upon the subject.

By the letter of the judges of the circuit court of the United States, held at Boston in June last, and the inclosed application of the underkeeper of the jail at that place, of which copies are herewith transmitted, Congress will perceive the necessity of making a suitable provision for the maintenance of prisoners committed to the jails of the several States under the authority of the United States.

One of them was chained to a log of wood in the open air for a hundred days and a hundred nights, despite the strongest remonstrances on the part of the British authorities, and was eventually unchained, to die two days after in jail.

The next establishment I visited was of a very different description; i.e., the jail of solitary confinement.

The jail seems very well adapted for escaping; but I suppose the rifle-armed sentries at the angles of the wall keep them in sufficient awe, as I was told they very rarely get away.

The British will double the guards afterward at all the city gates, and that will be the end of it; except that some of you, who perhaps may escape being thrown into jail, will apply to Mustapha Kemal for high commissions in his army on the strength of it!

Half the men in jail seem to be friends of his.

The woman was taken to the jail until an American missionary could be found to take charge of her.

If you come out with a whole skin, you shall leave the country without even going to jail.

You can jail a man who steals your watch, but the girl who steals a man's heart away from his sweetheart walks free, and uncondemned evento their shame be it spokenby those who know what she has done.

When he had been in jail a month, he called to see him, and inquired whether he were ready to return home and go to work.

I had rather end my days in jail.

"I would have gone to jail but for you.

They'd charged him with the old, old crime, And set him fast in jail: Oh, why does the dog howl all night long,

Now they have taken him from the jail, And hard and fast they ride, And the leader laughs low down in his throat, As they halt my trunk beside.

Then I got to thinkin' I wasn't so muchtakin' a pore, busted tramp to jail.

A group of Chicago club women walking boldly into the city Bridewell and the Cook County Jail and demanding that children of ten and twelve should no longer be locked up with criminals; these same women, after the children were segregated, establishing a school for them, and finally these same women achieving a juvenile court, is the modern edition of the old ideal.

But constructively in jail.

While her son was waitin' his trial in jail, she walked the streets with her head high, scornin' the folk as she passed.

As State and Federal Government Contractor he built many public structures, a few of which are still in use, among them the jetties at Mayport, Florida which he helped to build and a jail at High Springs, Florida.

In it he reminded him that if he didn't give Mary's family what he had promised he would be put in jail.

1842 examples of  jail  in sentences