601 examples of purges in sentences

It was so terrible that they were all silent, and said not a word,except the man who had loved her, who put his hand upon her arm, and said, "We are here for that; this is the fire that purges us,to see at last what we have done, and the true aspect of it, and to know the cruel wrong, yet never be able to make amends.

The nouveau riche never quite purges his mind of the instinct commercial, and it therefore goes against the grain to pay heavily for a form of entertainment which his soul had not the opportunity of learning to love in its youth.

But having my eyes opened, it would be sin for me to associate myself with the Empire unless it purges itself of its evil character.

For my own purposes, however, I am content to accept the definition of matter formulated by Duns Scotus, which takes over the earlier definition of Plotinus, purges it of its elements of pagan error, and redeems it by Christian insight.

He purges the mind of uncleanness, just as he purged contemporary fiction.

Diet, preparatives, purges, averters, cordials, correctors, as before.

[4105]Henricus Ayrerus in a consultation for a melancholy person, would have him take as few purges as he could, "because there be no such medicines, which do not steal away some of our strength, and rob the parts of our body, weaken nature, and cause that cacochymia," which [4106]Celsus and others observe, or ill digestion, and bad juice through all the parts of it.

[4107]"that purgative physic is contrary to nature, takes away some of our best spirits, and consumes the very substance of our bodies:" But this, without question, is to be understood of such purges as are unseasonably or immoderately taken: they have their excellent use in this, as well as most other infirmities.

prax. &c. Solid purges are confections, electuaries, pills by themselves, or compound with others, as de lapide lazulo, armeno, pil.

Purges come last, "which must not be used at all, if the malady may be otherwise helped," because they weaken nature and dry so much, and in giving of them, "we must begin with the gentlest first."

The most gentle purges to begin with, are senna, cassia, epithyme, myrabolanea, catholicon: if these prevail not, we may proceed to stronger, as the confection of hamech, pil.

Diminutives and purges may be taken as before, of hiera, manna, cassia, which Montanus consil.

In this kind of melancholy, some prescribe treacle in winter, especially before or after purges, or in the spring, as Avicenna, Trincavellius mithridate, [4400]Montaltus paeony seed, unicorn's horn; os de corde cervi, &

[5630]Amatus Lusitanus cured a young Jew, that was almost mad for love, with the syrup of hellebore, and such other evacuations and purges which are usually prescribed to black choler: Avicenna confirms as much if need require, and "bloodletting above the rest," which makes amantes ne sint amentes, lovers to come to themselves, and keep in their right minds.

" Thus with purges and blisters, Pills, bleeding, and clysters, The poor patient they threatened Should be deluged and sweatened.

The wholesome tempest purges what it breeds, To recommend the calmness that succeeds.

A time when God purges the man, and tries him in the fire, and burns up the dross in him, that the pure sterling gold only may be left.

He purges the soul, not with the terror and pity of tragedy, but with the irresistible laughter of rough-and-tumble farce.

There is nothing more utterly false than to imagine that war purges human nature of all its frailties and vices, and that under the shadow of death a great body of men gathered like this from many classes and cities, become suddenly white knights, sans-peur et sans reproche, inspired by the highest ideals of faith and chivalry.

Your patients certainly won't have to wait for enemas and purges.

Many a time hath he paid me from a sponging house; often hath he given me groats for sack, and for purges when sack hath undone me; and did I ever insult him to offer to repay him a penny?

This dull root pluckt from Lethe flood, Purges all pure thoughts, and good.

Matters also are coming to a head between army and the Parliament, which means to make concessionsfatal in the judgement of the armyand to ignore the said army; which, on the other hand, regards itself as an authority called into being by God and having responsibilities, and purges the Parliament, Cromwell arriving in town on the evening of the first day of purging.

However, he visited the Hot-Wells at Bristol, where for some time there were small hopes of his recovery; but making too free with purges he grew worse, and seemed desirous to draw nearer home.

The internal bark of the trunk or root of the tree, given to the quantity of a dram, purges violently, occasioning gripes, nausea, and vomiting.

601 examples of  purges  in sentences