24 collocations for whooped

They used to whoop the slaves when they didn't work up peart.

But the white men realized at once that this could mean nothing less than the return of the submarine, and, while they did not at all understand it, they whooped their joy and rushed toward the shore to see a dark body rounding the point.

" "Wow!" whooped Tad Horner.

But he had to leave 'cause he couldn't whoop the niggers.

and she wouldn't let him whoop my father.

He'd whoop um an sen' um tuh de fiel'.

He whooped grandma and auntie and cut grandma's long hair off with his pocket-knife.

They took the fussing to Dr. Jimmy for him to whoop grandpa.

They were, as I had thought, a half squadron, and they formed a double line with a front of twenty-five, their officerthe one who had whooped at meat their head.

He whooped me twice before them deer hunters.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Billy, but I des got to whoop you a little.

They never whooped mama.

When they whoop my mother I'd run off to place we lived and crawl under the house.

"I'se heared him say many time don't youse niggers whoop dese mules.

Instantly the Hanniston howlers in the audience began to whoop up the noise.

They whooped a plenty on the place where I come up.

"Mother said over in sight on a joining farm the overseers whooped somebody every day and more than that sometimes.

Following the seminary, in an unprecedented sequence of luck, was a boys' school, that came whooping up the stairway like a tribe of young Indians, in charge of a venerable sachem in spectacles.

"The patrollers caught one of Gaddises women and whooped her awful for coming to town on Sunday.

They took him out in his shirt tail and beat him, and whooped his wife, trying to make them tell where the money was.

For as the Australians whooped up their choruses other soldiers popped into sight.

Anerley leaned back with his two hands gripping hard behind him, and he whooped the creature on.

They whooped Uncle Cush in his shirt tail.

They whooped em and made em ride on rails.

24 collocations for  whooped