24 Verbs to Use for the Word reveling

And 'tis an evil place, this, for 'tis said the souls of murdered folk do meet here betimes, and hold high revel when the moon be full.

Elder Brewster himself had been a rising young diplomat in the court of Elizabeth, in the days when the Lord Keeper of the Seals led the revels of Christmas as Lord of Misrule.

The barbarians surrounded them and kept up a revel all night, deeming their prey secure.

We are honest gentlemen of Genoa, hurrying to witness the revels at Vévey, of which rumor gives an enticing report, and our sole desire is to come and go peaceably.

So we pay our footing in kind and bid adieu to the dancers who are prepared to continue the revels till the early hours of the morning.

The Saint as he is sketched is sometimes a positively repulsive beingarrogant, venomous, and cruel; he demands two eyes or more for one, and, pucklike, fairly revels in mischief!

They, therefore, amused themselves with fishing in the bay; and then inviting their allies to join their revels, they passed the night in vaunting of their own great actions, and defying the cowardly whites.

Now we leave the royal revels, and return to Saint Hilda and her maids.

Plaintive at first were the tones and sad; then soaring to madness, Seemed they to follow or guide the revel of frenzied Bacchantes.

As for his own immediate entertaining the revel now beganno lesser word describes it.

Cannot you imagine the mad revel of his soul in this pictureland?

It is often from dawn to sunset one revel of delight.

"Though Bacchus may boast of his care-killing bowl, And Folly in thought drowning revels delight, Such worship soon loses its charms for the soul, When softer devotions our senses invite.

Therefore, Great Omar, here our homage deep We drain to thee, though all too fast asleep In Death's intoxication art thou sunk To know the solemn revels that we keep.

"They had their dances, which were of such a character as not to be conceived by a civilized mind, and were accompanied by scenes which would have disgraced even Nero's revels.

Thus the mad night hours passed until dawn came to bring the revels to a close; or until the Regent would sally forth with a few chosen comrades on a midnight ramble to other haunts of pleasure in the capitalthe lower the better.

Or, "What a sweet child you are!" Pym had probably fallen into the way of making the Percys revel in such epithets because he could not remember the girl's name; but this delicious use of the diminutive, as addressed to full-grown ladies, went to Tommy's head.

What means this revel and carouse? Is this a tavern and drinking-house?

There shall you see, as late my friend did note, King Richard's revels at Earl Robert's bower; The purpos'd mirth and the performed moan; The death of Robin and his murderers.

Truly, Sir Conrade, I wonder at your quitting the revel.

We love a good motto, and one like Mr. Hood's speaks volumes: "HUNTS ROASTED" Next comes an advertisement of the author's endeavour to record a yearly revel (the Epping Hunt,) already fast hastening to decay.

All are agreed that he was selfish and pleasure-seeking in his ordinary life, though courteous in his manners and kind to those who shared his revels.

What is the use, when one cannot help in any way?" "You forget, Mamma," said Isabelle with a laugh, "that Evadne revels in horrors.

O'er the seals her quick hands going Loose the rills and set them flowing: Pent up music rushing out Bathes thy spirit all about; Spell-bound nature, freed again, Joyous revels in thy brain.

24 Verbs to Use for the Word  reveling