6 Metaphors for cairns

The depot cairn is more than 6 ft. above the surface, very solid and large; then there are the pony protection walls; altogether it should show up for many miles.

This step happily proved to be successful as regarded its original purpose, and Dr. Cairns remained a Good Templar during the rest of his life.

Of these that of which Cairns was the minister was the most influential and the largest, having a membership of about six hundred.

William Cairns, who had been schoolmaster at Oldcambus for thirty-two years, was in many respects a notable man.

Cairns had not been two months in Ayton before his responsibilities were considerably increased.

The first two stanzas of this effusion were the following: "John Cairns was a clergyman Of credit and renown, A first-rate U.P. Church had he In far-famed Berwick town.

6 Metaphors for  cairns