50 Words to use with soaping

Among the treasures kept for special occasions there may be pipes for soap-bubbles, a prism of some kind with which to make rainbows, a tiny mirror to make "light-birds" on the wall and ceiling, and a magnet with the time-honoured ducks and fish, if these are still to be bought, along with other articles, delicately made or coloured, which require care.

Then there is the soap-box provender, too, sure of a crowd, offering creed, propaganda, patent medicine, and politics.

This is done by preparing clean soap-suds, using fine toilet-soap.

And then follows the process in soap-making.

We have bought some candles, and made a candlestick out of a soap-dish.

The collectivism of management and control is the only essential difference between them and the modern soap factory or T.N.T. plant.

Why should you suppose that when you have said "Yah! lawyer" to Mr. Asquith or Mr. Lloyd George you have disposed of them? Is the idea that lawyers are more selfish than other peoplebrewers, or soap boilers, or bankers?

Then, stripped to the waist, these poor zealots go chanting a dolorous strain, and beating themselves unsparingly upon the back with the sharp-spined cactus, or soap-weed, until they are a revolting sight to look upon.

There was one chief reason for this: he was born in the almost impenetrable fastnesses at the head of the creek, and his cubhood had been spent amid its brambles of wild currants and soap berries and its rich red ground carpets of kinnikinic.

On soap sculpture.

Messrs. Boulton and Watt's manufactory for steam engines; an extensive soap work, belonging to Messrs. Adkins and Nock; a manufactory of brass, under the denomination of the Smethwick brass company; and also one of British crown glass, belonging to Thomas Shutt and Co.

My kind friend, the choreman, let me go with him when he carried the lye from the hopper to the soap fat barrel.

They wanted to bounce signals from Mars to earth in order to relay Martian soap operas in exchange for some earth programming to Mars.

As for the quarry shafts themselves, they too were covered round the tips with the green turf, and down them led a narrow flight of steep-cut steps, with a slide of soap-stone at the side, on which the marble blocks were once hauled up by wooden winches.

In either case they must be rubbed for five or ten minutes, every four or five hours, with the following liniment, previously warmed: Compound soap liniment, one ounce and a half; Laudanum, three drachms.

One of the most remarkable discoveries he has made, is, that "the soap-makers and the brewers are the compounders of the great staple commodities of consumption in Great Britain, and therefore surpass even Charles himself in the number of their additions to the Peerage."

" "No soft-soap business, please.

Mix with 1/4 pint of soap lees, 1/2 gill of turpentine, sufficient pipe-clay and bullock's gall to make the whole into rather a thick paste.

The company that summer sent further recruits including two women and several Poles and Germans to make soap-ashes, glass and pitch"skilled workmen from foraine parts which may teach and set ours in the way where we may set thousands a work in these such like services."

Lord Rayleigh also obtained the same results with a film of a solution of soap and glycerine, but in this case the dark portion was observed at the top of the spectrum, the other colors arranging themselves in order in the soap film thinned by the force of gravitation, thus showing that the colors vary according to the thickness of the film.

In this case apply soap blankets.

John Bale, a contemporary writer, says that "those who purchased the monasteries reserved the books, some to scour their candlesticks, some to rub their boots, some they sold to the grocers and soap sellers, and some they sent over sea to the bookbinders, not in small numbers, but at times whole ships full, to the wonder of foreign nations.

The thin soap slips And slithers like a shark under the ships.

"Now some soap pleasehand-soap, if you have it.

Well, we let the fire go down as low as we could without goin' out, and went to bed shiverin' and half froze, but with soap stuns and hot-water bags we made out to git through the night.

50 Words to use with  soaping