26 adverbs to describe how to bolted

The door, leading into the garden, is bolted, securely.

Once inside, I bolted the door, and throwing myself on the floor, sobbed myself to sleep.

Kirkham is so puzzled by "the language of that eminent philologist," that he bolts outright from the course of his guide, and runs he knows not whither; feigning that other able writers have well contended, "that this mood IS NOT GOVERNED by any particular word."

When Mr. Nott had satisfied himself of Renshaw's departure, he coolly bolted the door at the head of the companion-way, thus cutting off any communication with the lower deck.

A faint shout came to Bensington's ears, and then he perceived the remaining two rats bolting divergently, and Cossar in pursuit towards the holes.

Then I close and bolt all the shutters downstairs.

But, indulge in corsets, thin, shoes, irregular hours, and live in damp and unventilated houses, eating fine-bolted, hot breads, with liberal supplies of pie and pound-cake, and it will not be long ere the undertaker will be cultivating your acquaintance.

The conical embrasure traverses this cushion by means of a cast-steel piece firmly bolted to the caisson, and applied to the armor through the intermedium of a leaden ring.

While all eyes were fastened upon him this inglorious ambassador bolted forth his message: "Yo' ma say"his eyes were fixed upon Abner"ef yo' don' come home, she gwine come after yo'an' cut yo' into inch pieces wid a rawhide when she git yo'.

Fortunately, I bolted the pantry-door myself, before I came to bed last night," I murmured, "and the front door is self-fastening.

Then suddenly a kind of mischievous exhilaration at the danger gripped hold of me, and jumping over the prostrate figure on the ground I bolted forwards into the mist.

Mr. Prout, his fingers twitching, stood waiting "Well, it's your money," said Mr. Evans, grudgingly extracting a purse from his trouser-pocket; "and I suppose you ought to pay your debts; still" He put down two pounds on the table and broke off in sudden amazement as Mr. Prout, snatching up the money, bolted headlong from the room.

"Here's the deacon, ag'in!" cried the Widow White, as she bolted hurriedly into her friend's presence.

And "Bless my soul!" he said, as he lazily bolted it, "there hasn't been such a year for minnows since 1815.

On the first shot being fired, the coolies had chucked their loads and bolted, as likely as not helping to man the sangars enclosing the party.

And again the applause burst forth, scarcely less great in volume or enthusiasm, and West literally bolted back to the door, found it closed, was met with a grinning shake of the head from Duffy, looked wildly about for an avenue of escape, and finding none, slunk to his seat at Joel's side, while the boys joined laughter at his plight to their cheers for his courage.

Others bolted madly for the front door, only to find their egress there blocked by the rifles in the hands of the guard that Fleck had had the foresight to station there.

If 'twere not got ready for a job of this kind, why a half-inch shutter inside the canvas blinds, and the bolt outside, 'swell as a lock?

Nearly every hunter has had the experience of watching his expected game, when all of a sudden it would start off with a nervous jerk, and without waiting to sniff the air, as is usual, would bolt precipitately from the scene.

I shall set down the words used by this amazing god in the machine, this prince among all princely bolts from the blue.

The tribes in wonder Promptly bolted with the plunder.

'Jist a meenute,' he said abruptly, and bolted upstairs.

It remained merely to butt-bolt anew the wood-end, drive a few spikes, cork, and replace the copper.

He darted in after her, ran up the stairs, and struck against the door of her room, which she violently bolted.

But it isn't nice for a swell like you to have to hand it over to such a one as Crinkett just as the ship's starting, and then to bolt ashore along with me.

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