1463 words to describe how to  go  - Adverbs for  go

1463 words to describe how to go

At noon, I went home, for dinner.

I agreed, and we went forward once more, though rather aimlessly; for we were not at all certain in which direction to prosecute our search.

Anyway, he managed a great deal better than I did; going ahead of me, like a guide, and wittinglyor otherwisehelping, somewhat, to break the force of the water.

Now had the sun with shorter course drawn in his risen light, 2 And by equivalent degrees grew the dark hours of night: Victorious Cynthia now held sway over a wider space, Grim winter drove rich autumn out, and now usurped his place; And now the fiat had gone forth that Bacchus must grow old,

I went 'round to the further end of the stone.

Their talents find them employment every where; and the necessity they are under of a laborious exertion of these talents, and of submitting to a great deal from those whose customs and manners are not to their taste, and whom they feel inferior to themselves, is a considerable check to the desire to go abroad, so much so, that we hold out the farther inducement of political distinction when they return.

Then, I went upstairs to the study.

XI THE SEARCHING OF THE GARDENS How slowly the time went; and never a thing to indicate that any of the brutes still infested the gardens.

Feeling that there must be someone or something in the Pit, I went back to the house, quickly, for a stick.

When Mother Slessor went outside to call the children, she found Mary seated on the steps with her stick dolls about her.

Dr. Schermerhorn and Darrow were on deck waiting to go ashore.

So it was, that the fourth, fifth and sixth days went by, quietly, without my making any attempt to leave the house.

The heart of man is wayward and goes oft astray.

Rivers, according to the poets, "go on forever"; but those of the Sierra are young as yet and have scarcely learned the way down to the sea; while at least one generation of them have died and vanished together with most of the basins they drained.

Accordingly, I slipped the key of the wardrobe once more into my pocket and went downstairs.

"Shall I keep on working on upper Enyong creek or shall I go south to the Ibibios?

I opened the doors and went inside.

Hufnagel's Delicatessen, the briny hoar of twenty years upon it, went suddenly into decline and the hands of a receiver.

You must go straight; that's half the fun of the thingit'll make it all the more exciting.

Including you, of course?' 'I shall certainly go,' said Edith, 'whether he asks me or not.'

Presently he went around through the side entrance, and thus came into the kitchen, where the old mulattress, Virginia, was sitting alone.

St. Vallier, also a senator from the Aisne, was nervous and easily discouraged when things didn't go smoothly, but he too thought the Republic was the only possible government now, whatever his preferences might have been formerly.

Of course, we went wrong again in our next day's experiments; but Darrow was down two or three times a week, and gradually we edged toward a practical result.

We accordingly went, and found him sitting at a small table, and apparently exhausted with the labour of composition, and the ardour of intense thought.

The Indians soon scattered in every direction, but we followed the main trail to the Republican river, where we made a cut-off, and then went north towards the Platte river.

I am grateful that he is in such good hands, and whenever I again visit Memphis I shall surely go and see Brigham if he is still alive.

Intrigues and undercurrents were going on hard in Rome, and the issue of the conclave was impatiently awaited.

ABC 7’s Eyewitness News posted aerial footage of the crowd, which went viral figuratively and almost certainly literally.

And it is impossible fully to understand why Froebel laid so much stress on spontaneous play unless we go deeper than the province of the biologist without in the least minimising the importance of biological knowledge to educational theory.

To the shallow, redemption is an easy-going process, a way of healing the scratches which the world makes.

I went nearer to the window, and held the light higher.

But because the melting does not go on rapidly over all the fountains, high and low, simultaneously, and the melted snow is not reinforced at this time of year by rain, the spring floods are seldom very violent or destructive.

At this, he moves, uneasily, and I shout his name, again; but do not go closer.

For a while, I went onward steadily, and then, at last, I saw, ahead, a deep, red glow, that told me I was near upon the further opening of the gorge.

"See," he said, "a horse's prints not two hours olda horse going west." Presently I myself found a clue.

One end was passed to Nicholas; he knotted it to his belt, and went swiftly, but gingerly, forward nearer the perilous edge.

Live here timethen Gregson um Thorne go live in camp.

It's so ugly to go wrong.

Then the conquering performer changes his towel for a hat which would look better if it had not been so often worn in bed, places an antique black bottle in one pocket of his coat and a few cloves in the other; hangs an unlighted lantern before him by a cord passing about his neck, and, with his umbrella under his arm, goes softly down stairs and out of the house.

The man's teeth bared like an animal's, but Darrow went on easily as though unconscious of giving offence.

The newspaper Kyiv Post went online in 1997.

The clock seemed to go slower and slower, until they really began to wonder whether it had stopped.

A variety of other occupations, equally indispensable, claimed their attention, and would leave but a comparatively small portion of time for needlework: that in thus providing themselves with employment at home, they at least saved the time of going backwards and forwards, and were spared some trips to market, for the sale of vegetables to pay, as would then be necessary, for the work done by others.

I went very regularly as long as W. was in office, and always enjoyed my day.

"Help me to make things go forward instead of backward.

He showed me where all his keys, papers, and money were, told me to go instantly to his uncle, Mr. Lutteroth, who lived next door.

Of course they were at a disadvantage not speaking their own language (very few of them knew French well, except the Russians), and they had to go very carefully, and be quite sure of the exact significance of the words they used.

V Matters went badly with Patricia in the ensuing months.

The choking sensation in her throat was altogether gone.

At first Gray Wolf was restless when he was away, but she seldom went with him and after a time her restlessness left her.