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43 Metaphors for « champion »

43 Metaphors for « champion »

  • We who represented political economy, had the same objects in view as they had, and took pains to show it; and the principal champion on their side was a very estimable man, with whom I was well acquainted, Mr. William Thompson, of Cork, author of a book on the Distribution of Wealth, and of an " Appeal" in behalf of women against the passage relating to them in my father's Essay on Government.
  • The current champions are South Africa.
  • The reigning national champions were an afterthought a month ago, but wins over Boston College and Pittsburgh last week have continued a hot streak stretching to four games.
  • The current champions are Alay from Osh.
  • The champions of Hyrule that Link used to know are apparitions themselves locked away in the scattered Divine Beasts meant to protect the land.
  • The current world champions are Australia, who won the 2017 Rugby League World Cup.
  • Champions are unique cards that come with level-up conditions and unique abilities, which become central to how a deck is built and played.
  • The current champion is Tommaso Ciampa who is in his first reign.
  • Current champions are KRL(Khan Research Laboratories) football club.
  • That champion was Cuculain, whose true name was Setanta, son of Sualtam, chief at Dundelga, and of Dectira the sister of Concobar.
  • Marjorie Celeste "Marge" Champion (née Belcher; September 2, 1919 October 21, 2020) was an American dancer, choreographer, and actress.
  • The current champion is Eddie Edwards and he is in his sixth reign as champion.
  • Frank’s Analysis: Shouldn’t the champions be the default final entrant?
  • 'Champion' is the old form of 'champain.
  • The most powerful modern champion of popular government was Gambetta.
  • But already it had gone abroad that the Wilson champion was a gentleman, and that another gentleman had been appointed as referee.
  • "I presume," said I, "that the champions who thus expose their persons and lives in the cause of another, are Glonglims?" "There," said he, "you are altogether mistaken.
  • The Grand Champion for the swine show is Kimberly Gray, who also won for Grand Champion Sheep.
  • The Formula 1 World Champion in Abu Dhabi was Lewis Hamilton.
  • His price is currently drifting upward due to not having played many events, but the former Masters champion is an experienced hand that can go well here despite not having strong lead-in form.
  • Its most earnest champions were Rowland Hill and Mrs. Hannah More; but it is worthy of note that this excellent lady, justly honoured as a pioneer of elementary education, confined her curriculum to the Bible and the Catechism, and "such coarse works as may fit the children for servants.
  • The more known champions are Rob Kaman, Benny Urquidez, Dennis Alexio, Ernesto Hoost, and Marek Piotrowski.
  • It was said of them that a knight-champion of Cornwall was maybe a knight, but certes was no champion at all; and this was great shame to all those of Cornwall, more especially as that saying was in a great measure true.
  • The three champions were Sir Robert Laurie of Maxwelton, Alexander Ferguson of Craigdarrockan eminent lawyer, and who must, I think, have been a grandson of Annie Laurieand Captain Riddell of Friar's Carse, antiquary and friend of Burns.
  • The first champion outside Vienna was LASK Linz in 1964/65.
  • In Congress, Randolph, on behalf of the ultra states'-rights people led the opposition to the claimants, whose special champions were Madison and the northern democrats.
  • As women could not fight, a champion or guardian was a necessity.
  • The first champions in the inaugural 2010–11 season were the Teotihuacan Priests.
  • Here, beside her, was this prince among men, her champion, beaten to his ornamental knees by Fate, and contemplating a miserable, uncertain career to keep his godlike body from actual starvation.
  • Show Champion is a South Korean music program aired by MBC Music.
  • Right now, the champions are War Raiders whose members are Hanson and Rowe and they are in their first reign.
  • The current champion is Roman Reigns, who is in his second reign.
  • When the champions were within ten yards of each other, a report like the discharge of an arquebuse was heard, coming apparently from beneath the pavilion.
  • The champions of both the two opposite doctrines are at once resistless in attack, and impotent in defence'(Hamilton's 'Footnotes on Reid,' p. 602.)
  • Pírán exclaimed: "Then assuredly that champion is Rustem, and no other."
  • The last champion of dying romanticism was a sort of universal genius, eccentric, bizarre, unequal, a spirit out of harmony with itself, but gifted with the most wonderful imagination and power, K.J.L. Almquist.
  • The champions were Sweden.
  • In the 2010/11 season the champion was the LASK Juniors team.
  • Now what a Champion of Truth is such a thing likely to be!
  • Union County’s last state champion was Westfield senior Christian Barber winning 152 in 2011.
  • And then, master, direst of all, she thou would'st champion is a witch" "That worketh no evil by day, Roger.
  • Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia is a perfectly serviceable, faithful video game adaptation to its original anime source material.
  • But the most "fearless" champion of the noble red man is a womanRose Yawgerwho writes (in The Indian and the Pioneer, 42) that "the position of the Indian woman in her nation was not greatly inferior to that enjoyed by the American woman of to-day." ...

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