6 Metaphors for haven

NEW HAVEN. Is it time for me to talk again of conquests?

NEW HAVEN (108), capital of New Haven county, Connecticut, and chief city and seaport of the State, at the head of New Haven Bay, 4 m. from Long Island Sound, and 73 m. NE. of New York; is a finely built city, and, since 1718, has been the seat of Yale College; is an important manufacturing centre, producing rifles, iron-ware of all kinds, carriages, clocks, &c., was up till 1873 joint capital of the State with Harford.

New Haven should become a very hotbed of culture.

The capital is Hartford (53); New Haven (81) is the largest town and chief port.

New Haven and Cleveland are good specimens of beautifully-shaded towns.

Jungle haven; being a true and wondrous account.

6 Metaphors for  haven