27 Metaphors for maidens

Through the gate and into the glade came as dainty a little maiden as ever stepped out of an illustration made especially to show how dainty little maidens may be.

If the wealthy maiden was really a worthy soul she did not let her nephew know it.

" "Is not the daughter of a headsman and a headsman's wife their offspring, as much as the fair maiden who sits near thee is the child of the noble at her side?

One maiden seated in our immediate vicinity was, I perceived, the object of Eveena's especial interest, and, at first on this account alone, attracted my observation.

Maiden is his guide, Lovely as Spring's first rose; a little dog, Tied by a woollen cord, moves on before With look as sad as he were dumb; the cur, I owe him no ill will, but in good sooth He does his Master credit.

Maiden has long been a military post, with slight defenses.

Sir Philip insisted on making it a gay and brilliant wedding, in order to demonstrate to the neighbourhood that though the maiden had been his grandson's governess, she was a welcomed and honoured acquisition to the family.

Yes, this charming little maiden was an Indian, belonging to what was once a great and powerful tribe.

The maiden would not be his wife if he gave her all the trinkets in the world.

Male love is the love of growing wise, and female love is that of loving the love of growing wise in the male; so far therefore as a youth is the love of growing wise, so far he is lovely and beautiful to a maiden; and so far as a maiden is the love of a youth's wisdom, so far she is lovely and beautiful to a youth; wherefore as love meets and kisses the love of another, so also do beauties.

And the maiden was Anne Hill Carter, daughter of the genial host; and the young General was "Light Horse Harry" Lee.

The maiden is the dawn from whose virgin womb rises the sun in the fullness of his glory and might, but with his advent the dawn itself disappears and dies.

THE MAIDEN OF ROTORUA There was a girl of high rank named Hine-Moa.

A gentle, tender maiden, love-sick and mind-sick, yearning so piteously for a little mercy, or sympathy, or kindness, and treated like a mutinous soldier, because she loved so honestly and purely,is it any wonder that her hand went to her bosom and clasped the cold, hard keys that promised her life and freedom?

In Roman Catholic countries there are maidens devoted to the monastic life; and because they believe these maidens to be pious innocencies above the rest of their sex, they view them as the dainties and delicacies of their lust.

An Anglo-Saxon maiden without a rope ladder in the pocket of her basque was a rare sight.

His pictures of the shepherd boy of the Albruzzi, and the brown maidens of the Campagna are fine illustrations of this class, and the fidelity with which he copies nature, is an earnest of his future success.

It is a mistake, the maiden was a Dahcotah.

Anxious to terminate the adventure, he reached towards the charmed wand by whose wonderful instrumentality the dying maiden had already become a living flower, and was now to undergo a yet more delightful metamorphosis.

"The maiden is safe, brother.

The maiden is likend [sic] to a violet which has been just before likened to a maid.

" She was quite amazed when she learned that this was not a wedding, but a rain-dance, and that the maidens whom she had admired were boys dressed up in female raiment, the customs of the Moquis not allowing women to take part in public spectacles.

The maiden was the earl's near cousin, for by his mother he, too, was of Roman blood.

Scott's own romantic interest in feudalism caused him to make his lords altogether too lordly; his aristocratic maidens are usually bloodless, conventional, exasperating creatures, who talk like books and pose like figures in an old tapestry.

GENIUS That is why you plant it deep, With the soil its roots encase, That its blessings you may keep In its new abiding-place? THE MAIDEN To her native land that bind her Many, many are the ties All that she has left behind her In her childhood's paradise: All her mother's fond embraces, And the love of noble brothers, And her sisters' tender bosoms.

27 Metaphors for  maidens