Which preposition to use with steams

in Occurrences 106%

Let steam in the oven a few minutes; then pour over some highly seasoned tomato-sauce, and serve hot with fried veal chops.

from Occurrences 82%

There were a few of his city acquaintances present, besides ourselves: but whether it was owing to the effect of the steam from the dishes on our stomachs, or that this scientific cookery was not suited to our unpractised palates, I know not, but we all made an indifferent repast, except our host, who tasted every dish, and seemed to relish them all.

of Occurrences 79%

Delicious sunshine came pouring over the hills, lighting the tops of the pines, and setting free a steam of summery fragrance that contrasted strangely with the wild tones of the storm.

to Occurrences 43%

" The cruiser steamed to within half a mile of the aimless traveller, and the small boat put out.

for Occurrences 42%

"Wal, after we got to the surface, the trout that was towin' me, seemed to let on an extra amount of steam for a mile or so, and let me say the way we went was a caution.

into Occurrences 39%

" Mr. Everidge came to meet her as the train steamed into the little station, and Evadne soon found herself seated in a comfortable carriage behind a handsome chestnut mare, bowling along a fragrant country road, catching glimpses at every turn of the verdure-clad hills.

at Occurrences 37%

"German battle squadron, steaming at twenty knots, sighted five miles off Jutland, sir!" CHAPTER XV THE FIRST GUN Skagerak, in which the greatest naval battle of history was about to be fought, is an arm of the North Sea between Norway and Denmark.

on Occurrences 33%

Steaming on the sea of Marmora, (to continue J.Y.'s narrative of his homeward journey), the Bosphorus and the Greek waters, was very pleasing.

with Occurrences 24%

The air was steaming with delightful fragrance, not rising and wafting past in separate masses, but diffused through all the atmosphere.

out Occurrences 23%

Steaming out of the Central Station, I soon find myself speeding along in such comfortable, well-warmed carriages as would rejoice the unfortunate winter traveller in this country, who is all but dependent on his ability to pay for the not very useful foot-warmer.

through Occurrences 20%

"Why all the excitement?" was Frank's comment, as the three stood well forward while the warship steamed through the harbor.

over Occurrences 15%

Five minutes passed, and ten, and the kettle was boiling furiously, and sending out a long jet of steam over the not very shapely toes of Mr. Van Torp's boots, as he leaned back with his feet on the fender.

until Occurrences 13%

Heat 1 large tablespoonful of butter in a frying-pan; put in the apples and let them steam until tender.

by Occurrences 12%

Young madcaps were often known to let off steam by careering wildly round the field after dark, and if this had really been the case in the present instance, it would be folly to say anything that should awaken suspicion.

along Occurrences 9%

Terrier's regular lurch and roll indicated that she was steaming along the coast, in some shelter from the wind that blew obliquely off the land.

across Occurrences 8%

Flaminian was steaming across the Irish Sea, with the high blue hills of Mourne astern and the Manx rocks ahead.

as Occurrences 7%

M, nut to tighten the packing rings g and upper packing i in cylinder B. N, lock nut to hold M. The pipe A is connected with the steam space of the boiler at its highest part, to obtain as dry steam as possible.

about Occurrences 5%

It was upon the following morning, while the Queen Mary steamed about in the North Sea, that Jack and Frank embarked upon their first piece of work since they had been assigned to the giant battleship.

under Occurrences 5%

He wobbled an instant, then his great knees bent, and dropping inert on his face the dust spurted like steam under the impact.

toward Occurrences 5%

Gathered from various parts of the North Sea, they had steamed toward Jutland, and, arriving there at almost the same time, they had assumed battle formation in the darkness.

per Occurrences 4%

Thus the evaporation of a cubic foot of water in the hour, or the expenditure of 33 cubic feet of low pressure steam per minute, is reckoned equivalent to an actual horse power, or 528 cubic feet of water raised one foot high in the minute involves the same result.

before Occurrences 4%

A mighty fire was started in the deep fireplace, and as I stood steaming before it, I looked with dazzled eyes at the great carved staircase, at the paintings and at the books, of which there were many hundreds.

than Occurrences 4%

"Well," went on his father, "the reason for that is, that when we run, or skate fast, our body uses more blood, just as an engine which is going fast uses more steam than one going slowly.

after Occurrences 4%

The Queen Mary and the Indefatigable steamed after the enemy at full speed.

without Occurrences 3%

Steam without peeling if they are very young.

Which preposition to use with  steams