21 Words to use with sweats

Was it any worse for God's first men to set forth and slay twenty thousand other men, than it is for civilization's sweat-shops to slay twenty thousand men, women, and children each year in the making of your cigars and the things you wear?

Thus the sweat glands of the skin secrete the perspiration as their secretion, the lachrymal glands of the eyes the tears as theirs.

"Go, my daughters," he said, "and make four sweat lodges, and I will bring the person."

The winter of the Big Snow an epidemic of pneumonia carried off the Indians with scarcely a warning; from the lake northward to the lava flats they died in the sweat-houses, and under the hands of the medicine-men.

But see the sweat-band?

Thou hast chastised my frame with dire disease, Long, obdurate, and painful; and thy hand Hath wrung cold sweat-drops from my brow; for these I thank thee too.

Sweat beads gathered on West's face.

The days were endurable under the canvas awning of our quarter-deck, but the nights in our berths were sweat-baths, which left us so limp and exhausted that we were almost fit to vanish, like ghosts, at daybreak.

But just before he took his train, Halkett had him in the sweat-box, jacking him up for not making his time.

Singer machine 103W2, lock stitch, for sewing reeded or wired sweat leathers into stiff and soft felt <pb id='092.png' /> and straw hats, by Archibald Tregaskis.

A cold sweat pearld in dropps all ore my body; For 'twas my Brothers voice, & were I calld

Thus of the pair sweat-perspiration, sweat is the plain-spoken, everyday member, perspiration the polite, even learned member.

Thirty mountain-mules, under packs one-third their own weight, and through the pressure of a Luzon day; dry, empty, caked with sweat-saltyet there were not a few of those gritty beasts that went into the air squealing, and launched a hind-foot at the nearest rib or the nearest star, or pressed close to muzzle the bell-mareafter the restoring roll.

He still stands under the wintry tree, white to lividness; drops of cold sweat stand on his brows; and his fine nostrils dilate and contract, dilate and contract, in an agony of anger and shame.

Among the multitude of misbelief, I'll show myself the soldier of Christ: Spend blood, sweat tears, for satisfaction Of manymany sins, which I lament; And never think to have them pardoned, Till I have part of Syria conquered.

It was warm with the man-scent, for Langdon and Bruce were running and sweating, and the odour of man-sweat drifts heavy and far.

Rhona's whole family was engaged in sweat-work.

If the exercise be vigorous and the weather hot, a profuse sweat ensues, the rapid evaporation of which cools the body.

He sat facing me, his eyes staring at me but not seeing me, his body close against me, and I could see the sweat glistening on his chest through the open pyjamas.

"Thou who beneath the frown of fate hast stood, And in thy dreadful agony sweat blood."Young, p. 238. OBS.

Their fair sunburned faces were lined with sweat marks and masked under dust, and doubtless some were desperately weary; but I did not see a straggler.

21 Words to use with  sweats