73 collocations for traps

The G-men trap the spy ring.

Him I take with me to hunt the whale and seal, to gather the berries, and to trap the little animals who bear fur.

We've trapped the dirty white rat.

"Cap'n Dab, did yo' set this yer boat to trap somebody?" "No.

He recalled that he used to chase and trap mice with all a boy's savage ingenuity.

Bugs Bunny traps the counterfeiters.

Those were police department methods: wholesale arrests in the hope of somewhere in the net trapping the prey.

The flies have to be fed alive to the spiders, so we used transparent plastic bottles to trap the flies and once caught we would carefully put them into the spider's bottle.

The detective can make a thousand mistakes during the course of his investigations and still trap his man; but the criminal cannot make one single errornot one!"

They trapped rabbits and hares in the woods, and one day even got a silver fox, a skin greatly prized by the fur traders on account of its rarity.

"Would ye have me give up the s'arch altogether?" "Can't say that I would; howsumever, the chance is small, and ye'd better go west with me, and spend the winter in l'arning how to trap fur beaver and otter.

Chip traps a sheriff, by Max Brand, pseud.

And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!" Many a person who shuns abstractions and talks altogether of the concrete things of life, yet traps out circumstance in general rather than specific terms.

Jimmy, he trapped them dogs on the ledge, an' he tricked the dog he killed up on the peak.

They did not go around for three days, knowing that the human smell must first be dissipated, and then they found but one trap sprungthe door down.

Besides the sight of the long lines of white swans on the Fleet, there is an interesting decoy for trapping wild duck, the procedure being explained by the courteous attendant.

"I think you got me here to trap me, Dunbar," he called in such a voice that the little man in the shadow thrilled at the sound of it, "but you'll find that you're trapped first, my friend.

What would happen to a crow that dared trap an eagle.

For this reason, the Britons raised a mighty tumult and shouting, when they trapped their enemy in the Isle of Thanet.

Left the camp at 7.30 a.m. and steered an average course south-south-east till 10.20, over stony ground, at the junction of the sandstone and trap formation, and camped at a fine running creek which came from a rocky gorge in the sandstone range to the west of our course.

So you have trapped Queen Freydis in mortal flesh.

Sometimes he combined with hunting and trapping the functions of an Indian trader, but ordinarily the American, as distinguished from the French or Spanish frontiersman, treated the Indian trade as something purely secondary to his more regular pursuits.

Fernand, having trapped his game, was now about to kill it.

She looked up suddenly and trapped a solicitous glance from Stillman that rather annoyed her.

Dido quickly emerges from the role of a temptress designed as a last snare to trap the hero, and becomes a woman who reveals human laws paramount even to divine ordinance.

73 collocations for  traps