73 collocations for traps

The G-men trap the spy ring.

Him I take with me to hunt the whale and seal, to gather the berries, and to trap the little animals who bear fur.

We've trapped the dirty white rat.

Chip traps a sheriff, by Max Brand, pseud.

Those were police department methods: wholesale arrests in the hope of somewhere in the net trapping the prey.

"Cap'n Dab, did yo' set this yer boat to trap somebody?" "No.

"Would ye have me give up the s'arch altogether?" "Can't say that I would; howsumever, the chance is small, and ye'd better go west with me, and spend the winter in l'arning how to trap fur beaver and otter.

He recalled that he used to chase and trap mice with all a boy's savage ingenuity.

Bugs Bunny traps the counterfeiters.

They trapped rabbits and hares in the woods, and one day even got a silver fox, a skin greatly prized by the fur traders on account of its rarity.

The flies have to be fed alive to the spiders, so we used transparent plastic bottles to trap the flies and once caught we would carefully put them into the spider's bottle.

The detective can make a thousand mistakes during the course of his investigations and still trap his man; but the criminal cannot make one single errornot one!"

She looked up suddenly and trapped a solicitous glance from Stillman that rather annoyed her.

Jackson, in his report of the geology of the public lands, states that at the mouth of the Tobique there is an Indian settlement, where a large tribe of Indians reside, and gain a livelihood by trapping the otter and beaver.

" "Then I guess you must have trapped all sorts of wild animals before now, Obed?" suggested Steve, eagerly, "so you know their habits to a fraction; because, of course, only one who is posted in that direction could ever hope to make a success of a fur farm.

Half an hour afterwards they came to the home of a farmer, who was trying to make a living out of his isolated holdings, eking it out, as he informed them while his wife was getting up the best meal possible, by doing some terrapin hunting, and even trapping muskrats and such fur-bearing animals during the otherwise unprofitable winter months.

And now I was uncertain whether to remain and hang around the council-fire waiting for an opportunity to seize Butler, or whether to push on at once, warn Gansevoort at Stanwix that St. Leger's motley army had set out from Oswego, and then return to trap Butler at my leisure.

For this reason, the Britons raised a mighty tumult and shouting, when they trapped their enemy in the Isle of Thanet.

Cherrie and Miller had trapped many mammals.

Perhaps he was tired of trapping ordinary garden variety spies of the Belgian brand.

These were two American hunters named Dickson and Hancock, who were going up to trap the head-waters of the Missouri on their own account.

They deal with men As, far across the mountains, in the south, Men trap a singing thrush, put out his eyes, And cage him up and bid him then to sing Sing before God that made him,yes, to sing!

An author once told me that he "trapped" twenty manuscripts and sent them out to editors, and all came back unread, as his "trap" proved.

Passion had trapped her unawares.

He considered it highly probable that before long Tandakora would curve aside with some of his warriors, hoping to trap the unwary.

73 collocations for  traps