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6422 examples of  bitterer  in sentences

6422 examples of bitterer in sentences

The fates had immolated the helpless; were the fates preparing a still bitterer expiation?

For those who craven in the fight refuse to meet the foe Shall sink beneath the feet of all struck by a bitterer blow; In moments when fair honor's crown is offered to the brave

Yes, my death, for should I perish, it were comfort but to think Thou couldst have henceforth on earth no blacker, bitterer cup to drink!

My foes increase, thy cruelty makes absence bitterer still, But naught can shake my constancy, and none can do me ill.

Lay thou thy rod on her, And be more high than Zeus and bitterer, Who o'er all other spirits hath his throne, But knows her chain must bind him.

Again (Act ii, sc. 4) 'And self-contempt, bitterer to drink than blood.'

We were proffered, instead of our own resources, which were ample "Alms from scornful hands, to hands in chains, Bitterer to taste than death.

They dreaming of no such thing, fell sweetly to their dinner, as joying in the great store of banquet which was heaped in full tables about them; but there reigned not a bitterer banquet planet in all heaven, than that which hung over them this day by secret destination of Minerva.

All at once Evelyn felt herself grow cold with anger, and the uncontrolled hasty words, bitterer than anything she had ever thought, utterly unjust and cruel, sprang to her lips, and Fred, stung to the quick with the injustice of it, had gone away without a word.

'Bitterer smiles of twelve than tears of ten' (referring to the age of marriage).

Uncle Bill determined on the bitterer alternative.

'And, therefore, I am the wiser, in forcing the draught on myself.' 'Provided it be the right draught, and do not require another and still bitterer one to expel the effects of the poison.

But bitterer tears still came when I went into my chamber and lay upon my bed.

One of these was in the basement of the Hotel Royal, which would contain several hundred at once, and from which hundreds went to a bondage bitterer than death, and from which death was the only relief.

you here?" It was a bitter moment; but a bitterer was yet to come, when Lizzy Ryder, with that innocent little way of hers, said, "Oh, if you've come to help take our things off, do help me with this scarf, Angela!"

They would measure Christianity by their traditions; and the smaller the point of difference seemed to the enlightened Paul, the bitterer were the contests,even as many of the schisms which subsequently divided the Church originated in questions that appear to us to be absolutely frivolous.

No wind that blew was bitterer than he, no falling snow was more intent upon its purpose, no pelting rain less open to entreaty.

Did it never strike you that you wanted another watchword also, "fair-work," and another and bitterer hatred,"foul-work"? 2.

The loss of this one thing alone is a bitterer drop in the loneliness of many an unmarried woman than parents, especially fathers, are apt even to dream,food and clothes and lodgings are so exalted in unthinking estimates.

To be deceived in your true heart's desire Was bitterer than a thousand years of fire!"

who's she?" with an emphasis on that feminine, personal pronoun which was all the bitterer slur on the rest of womankind in that neighborhood, that he was so unconscious of the reflection it conveyed.

The sound reached to the kitchen, and brought a brief pleasure, but a bitterer pang of envy, to Lucy's swelling bosom.

Iroldo then covered his face and head, not daring to see her depart for the house of Prasildo; and Tisbina, with pangs bitterer than death, left him in solitude.

He then strove to fancy that "Medoro" was a feigned name, intended for himself; but he felt that he was trying to delude himself, and that the more he tried, the bitterer was his conviction of the truth.

But I am sorry that it is in America I had to learn, there are in a patriot's life trials still bitterer than even that of exile.

As if a thief should steal a tainted vest, Some dead man's spoil, and sicken of his pestHood 'Tis bitterer to me than wormwood the memory of what followed, and I shall tell the story in the fewest words I may.

"And it was I brought him," she said, with a tearless sob bitterer than any loud weeping.

But, far from being affected, as I wished, by an address so fervent, (although from a man from whom she had so lately owned a regard, and with whom, but an hour or two before, she had parted with so much satisfaction,) I never saw a bitterer, or more moving grief, when she came fully to herself.

As the Baron de Willading witnessed the sorrow that deeply shadowed the face of the Genoese, he almost felt that Providence, in summoning his own boys to early graves, might have spared him the still bitterer grief of mourning over the unworthiness of a living son.

But now, those words of Thurnall's, backed by far bitterer ones of Marie's, were fretting Stangrave's heart.

XVII Nothing was bitterer to her than to confess to herself the failure of her power; but her last talk with Van Degen had taught her a lesson almost worth the abasement.

* * * * * When Punk heard the fire-bell, his heart grew bitter at the thought of the still bitterer night.

And he plans inflicting bitterer punishments on us than on the enemy; he thinks death a punishment imposed by nature, but torments and tortures the proper inflictions of anger.

" There is no bitterer foe of the faculty theory than Herbart.

Let her who has no child seek where she can help the burdened mother of many; how she can best reach with influence, and wisdom, and cherishing, the greatest numberor most efficiently a fewof these dear, helpless, terrible little souls, who are to make, in a few years, a new social condition; a better and higher, happier and safer, or a lower, worse, bitterer, more desperately complicated and distressful one.

Ye deem the human heart endures No deeper, bitterer grief than yours.

Better show now what had later increased to a bitterer anguish, And to an inward consuming despair might perhaps have reduced me.

Some bitterer thought stung him, as he stood there.

She had not hoped he would say more; but the Sired pain on her mouth just then was bitterer than death.

You who are gone, if in heaven you know how we mortals fare, you know that life took from you no love, no faith,that bitterer tears fall for you to-day than ever wet your new graves,that the gayer words and the recalled smiles are only like the flowers that grow above you, symbols of the deeper roots we strike in your past existence,that to the true soul there is no such thing as forgetfulness, no such mercy as diminishing regret!

William Pressley also stood still and silent, suffering bitterer pangs through his wounded self-love than love itself ever could have inflicted upon him.

His vanity had been slowly swallowing a bitter morsel, and it was now quite clear to him that he must act promptly in order to escape a still bitterer humiliation.

I judged otherwise, and felt the deepest pity for Wagner, for whom love should have built the bridge by which he might have reached others, whereas now it was only making the bitter cup of his life bitterer.

If poverty was bitter at Wilbraham, it was bitterer here.

The bread of poverty is bitter enough, but that of pauperism is bitterer still, and General Booth, it would seem, intends to foster rather than discourage such spirit of independence as he may find among the lost souls for whom he works.

He had been a man of consequence in Nome; he had made money and he had handled other men, therefore his sense of failure was the bitterer.

Now sadder that lone maiden sighs, Far bitterer tears profane her eyes, Crushed in the dust her heart's flower lies.

I had seen enough of the horrors of suppression of Christian discontent by the Mussulmans of Crete, but the brutality of the Slavonic Islam in time of peace was other and bitterer than the Cretan, and the miserable remnant of escaped rayahs of Herzegovina was the very ragged fringe of humanity.

Yet all my thoughts were his, and bitterer fell The pangs of leaving him, than all I have to tell.

And for eternity; "Though, harder than the witch was, Life, changing not the whole, Transmutes the body, which was Proud garment of the soul, And briefly drugs the soul, Whose ruin is her goal; "And means by this thereafter A subtler mirth to get, And mock with bitterer laughter Her helpless dupes' regret, Their swinish dull regret For what they half forget.

The bitter drink.

The quarrels between Ormond and the old Irish party had grown bitterer than ever The hatred of the extreme Catholic party towards him appears to have been if anything rather deeper than their hatred to Cromwell, and all the recent disasters were charged by them to his want of generalship.

The effect, especially amongst the Puritans, of the Ulster massacres, far from dying out, had grown fiercer and bitterer with every year.

The result was a state of things which has left bitterer traces behind it than even the famine itself.

Hatred bears bitterer fruits than is imagined even by those who provoke it.

The bitter waters within, the tendency to what is evil, the corrupt root, have sadly appeared.

Contrary to custom, the small front room and the kitchen were both empty, and breakfast, with the exception of a cold herring and the bitter remains of a pot of tea, had been cleared away.

Her tone was so decided and so bitter that Mr. Tredgold, merely staying long enough to urge extreme carefulness in the descent, did as he was desired.

For that reason, the hatred against the Austrian was among the Prussian troops much more bitter and bloody than the hatred and abhorrence of the Russians, the sworn enemy of the German; and when, therefore, the Berlin citizens learned that the Austrians, too, were approaching under Count Lacy, this news was considered by these soldier-citizens as a consecration of their arms.

But Elise did not know that he had travelled with relays of horses, and that, in spite of the intensely bitter weather, he had driven day and night, allowing himself no rest nor refreshment, in order to reach home as rapidly as possible, solely from desire to see his daughter, whose fair and lovely countenance was the star which lighted his dreary, lonesome hours of toil, and inspired him with courage and cheerfulness.

"At last, then, my father has consented to think of me," said Elise, with a bitter smile.

"May she never be tormented by the agonies of error or repentance; may he whom she loves prove worthy of her!" Overpowered by bitter and painful thoughts, his head sank upon his breast, and tears coursed down his cheeks.

He mourned for his country, for the fruitless battles, the blood shed in vain, and, in the bitter grief of his heart, he asked himself what crime he had committed, that to him should be assigned the painful duty of deciding to which of the enemies they should surrender.

And completely overpowered by the bitter and desperate anguish of her soul, she continued, still more excited, "But how does all this concern you?

" Overpowered by these bitter thoughts, which crowded tumultuously upon his brain, he leaned his head upon his hand and wept bitterly.

It is a bitter experience to see the woman who has stepped down into the soil of life flaunting her finery and her power in the face of virtue.

Or she may grow inordinately devoted to animal pets, and bitter and critical toward children and married people.

That my tongue was in the early days bitterer than it should have been, I frankly acknowledge; that I ignored the services done by Christianity and threw light only on its crimes, thus committing injustice, I am ready to admit.

And at Cambridge was growing, slowly and out of sight, a mind and an influence which were to be at once the counterpart and the rival of the Oxford movement, its ally for a short moment, and then its earnest and often bitter enemy.

But when Richard was fairly gone, when the tones of his voice bidding his family good-by had ceased, and Ethelyn sat leaning on her elbow and listening to the sound of the wheels which carried him away, such a feeling of utter desolation and loneliness swept over her that, burying her face in the pillows, she wept bitterer tears of remorse and regret than she had ever wept before.

Then, if you'll remember that the longer the last word is kept the bitterer it gets, and that your wife is bound to have it anyway, you'll cut the rest of your quarrels so short that she'll never find out just how much meanness there is in you.

Thence he launched against the usurper a bitter prose satire, Napoléon le Petit, and a still bitterer satire in verse, Les Châtiments, and there he wrote two of his greatest novels, Les Travailleurs de la Mer and Les Misérables, two of his finest volumes of poetry, Les Contemplations, the greater part of the first series of La Légende des Siècles, and the two remarkable religious poems, Dieu and La Fin de Satan.

My breath came in long spasmodic draughts, as much deeper and bitterer than sighs as sighs are sadder and more pitiful than laughter.

And in his sorrow his nature sent a defiant why back to the Power that had made Katy's fate so sad, and Mrs. Ferret's rasping way of talking about Katy's death as a divine judgment on him filled him with curses bitterer than Job's.

"You may call me a fool, Cassandra, for bringing you here," he said in a bitter voice, "besides calling me cruel for subjecting you to these ordeals.

I longed so to be dancing, and had such bitter feelings because I never had been taught.

For him, I am afraid his feelings were very bitter, and his silence the cover of a sore heart.

Christmas seemed to lift into sharper, bitterer irony the ghastly horrors of this end endless war.

She wept, and Lady Gertrude was startled, for those bitter tears were not the signs of joy.

Perhaps of all the letters she received from home, Lilla's was the most irritating to her, for it was written in all the bitter indignation, the unchecked reproaches of a young and ardent spirit, in whose eyes the heartlessness of her letter was inexcusable, and she wrote as she thought.

Edward contrasted his present feelings with those which he had experienced the first night of his last return, and Ellen thought on that bitter anguish, the public shame which had been hers in that very hall, that very night three years before, and the young hearts of both the orphans were filled with warm and deep thanksgiving.

Pain, bitter pain, Caroline had sometimes cost her, but pleasure, exquisite in its kind, had mingled with it.

THE HOP.The Hop is cultivated for brewing, being the most wholesome bitter we have, though the brewers are in the habit of using other vegetable bitters, which are brought from abroad and sold at a much cheaper rate.

It forms a better cover for game than any other plant; and being very bitter, is not liable to be destroyed by any animal eating it down.

Bitter Purple Willow.


L.E.D.These have a strong not ungrateful, aromatic smell, but a very bitter nauseous taste.

L.Wormwood is a strong bitter; and was formerly much used as such against weakness of the stomach, and the like, in medicated wines and ales.

These it may be in part freed from by keeping, and totally by long coction, the bitter remaining entire.

An extract made by boiling the leaves in a large quantity of water, and evaporating the liquor with a strong fire, proves a bitter sufficiently grateful, without any disgustful flavour. 178.

D.Southernwood has a strong, not very disagreeable smell; and a nauseous, pungent, bitter taste; which is totally extracted by rectified spirit, less perfectly by watery liquors.

Roman wormwood is less ungrateful than either of the others: its smell is tolerably pleasant: the taste, though manifestly bitter, scarcely disagreeable.

L. E. D.Both the roots and leaves have a nauseous, bitter, acrimonious, hot taste; their smell is strong, and not very disagreeable.

"The statute of mortmain does not give me much uneasiness," remarked the vindictive old man with a bitter smile.

But next day brought a bitterer bowl On the bulletin-board this stood; Saturday morning at 3 A.M. A stir within the Fort betrayed That the rebels were getting under arms; Some plot these early birds had laid.

But of them all she counted on the last, the best, the noblest for Alice,that was I. Old Johnny Graeme was the partner in what had been my father's house, and for fifteen years it had gone prospering as never house did yet, and making Mrs. Strathsay bitterer; and Johnny Graeme, a little wizened warlock, had never once stopped work long enough to play at play and reckon his untold gold.

On all these islands there is found a tree about the size of our elms, which bears a sort of gourd out of which they make drinking cups; but they never eat it, as its pulp is bitterer than gall, and its shell is as hard as a turtle's back.

And bitter tears I weep for it, bitterer far Than thou dost dream of.

If thy bitter woe Shall make thee yearn for death, then think on me, And it shall comfort thee to know how mine Is bitterer far, because I set my hand To deeds, to which thou only gav'st assent.

" "I hope soI think I am, for none of my feelings seem to me ever to change, except that I get harder, and, I am afraid, bitterer.