6422 examples of bitterer in sentences

For those who craven in the fight refuse to meet the foe Shall sink beneath the feet of all struck by a bitterer blow; In moments when fair honor's crown is offered to the brave

Yes, my death, for should I perish, it were comfort but to think Thou couldst have henceforth on earth no blacker, bitterer cup to drink!

My foes increase, thy cruelty makes absence bitterer still, But naught can shake my constancy, and none can do me ill.

Lay thou thy rod on her, And be more high than Zeus and bitterer, Who o'er all other spirits hath his throne, But knows her chain must bind him.

Again (Act ii, sc. 4) 'And self-contempt, bitterer to drink than blood.'

They dreaming of no such thing, fell sweetly to their dinner, as joying in the great store of banquet which was heaped in full tables about them; but there reigned not a bitterer banquet planet in all heaven, than that which hung over them this day by secret destination of Minerva.

'Bitterer smiles of twelve than tears of ten' (referring to the age of marriage).

'And, therefore, I am the wiser, in forcing the draught on myself.' 'Provided it be the right draught, and do not require another and still bitterer one to expel the effects of the poison.

One of these was in the basement of the Hotel Royal, which would contain several hundred at once, and from which hundreds went to a bondage bitterer than death, and from which death was the only relief.

you here?" It was a bitter moment; but a bitterer was yet to come, when Lizzy Ryder, with that innocent little way of hers, said, "Oh, if you've come to help take our things off, do help me with this scarf, Angela!"

They would measure Christianity by their traditions; and the smaller the point of difference seemed to the enlightened Paul, the bitterer were the contests,even as many of the schisms which subsequently divided the Church originated in questions that appear to us to be absolutely frivolous.

Did it never strike you that you wanted another watchword also, "fair-work," and another and bitterer hatred,"foul-work"? 2.

The loss of this one thing alone is a bitterer drop in the loneliness of many an unmarried woman than parents, especially fathers, are apt even to dream,food and clothes and lodgings are so exalted in unthinking estimates.

The sound reached to the kitchen, and brought a brief pleasure, but a bitterer pang of envy, to Lucy's swelling bosom.

As if a thief should steal a tainted vest, Some dead man's spoil, and sicken of his pestHood 'Tis bitterer to me than wormwood the memory of what followed, and I shall tell the story in the fewest words I may.

"And it was I brought him," she said, with a tearless sob bitterer than any loud weeping.

As the Baron de Willading witnessed the sorrow that deeply shadowed the face of the Genoese, he almost felt that Providence, in summoning his own boys to early graves, might have spared him the still bitterer grief of mourning over the unworthiness of a living son.

XVII Nothing was bitterer to her than to confess to herself the failure of her power; but her last talk with Van Degen had taught her a lesson almost worth the abasement.

Better show now what had later increased to a bitterer anguish, And to an inward consuming despair might perhaps have reduced me.

Now sadder that lone maiden sighs, Far bitterer tears profane her eyes, Crushed in the dust her heart's flower lies.

The result was a state of things which has left bitterer traces behind it than even the famine itself.

Then, if you'll remember that the longer the last word is kept the bitterer it gets, and that your wife is bound to have it anyway, you'll cut the rest of your quarrels so short that she'll never find out just how much meanness there is in you.

And in his sorrow his nature sent a defiant why back to the Power that had made Katy's fate so sad, and Mrs. Ferret's rasping way of talking about Katy's death as a divine judgment on him filled him with curses bitterer than Job's.

Christmas seemed to lift into sharper, bitterer irony the ghastly horrors of this end endless war.

But next day brought a bitterer bowl On the bulletin-board this stood; Saturday morning at 3 A.M. A stir within the Fort betrayed That the rebels were getting under arms; Some plot these early birds had laid.

6422 examples of  bitterer  in sentences
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