21 Metaphors for directors

Its director is Doctor Vital Brazil, who has performed a most extraordinary work and whose experiments and investigations are not only of the utmost value to Brazil but will ultimately be recognized as of the utmost value for humanity at large.

The only two Directors that will work immediately under the First Sea Lord will be the Director of Intelligence Division (Rear-Admiral Sir Reginald Hall) and the Director of Training and Staff Duties (Rear-Admiral J. C. Ley), whose functions obviously affect all the other Staff Divisions alike.

Its director was the Father Secchi who had visited the United States, and was well known to the scientists of this country.

Properly, the director is Herr Von Struve; but the old Russian custom is still in use, and the servants call him Wilhelm-vitch; that is, 'the son of William.'

And so on (with a cynicism of which, of course, no modern "funeral director" would be guiltyout loud), until the undertaker's men come on the scene.

The Director, or, as he was known, Brother Elysee, was a stout, round little man, with a fine face and imperturbable good spirits.

The only consideration applies to the safety of the public funds if deposited in those institutions, and when it is seen that the directors of many of them are not only willing to pledge the character and capital of the corporations in giving success to this measure, but also their own property and reputation, we can not doubt that they at least believe the public deposits would be safe in their management.

The East India directors alone can be that thing to me.

This president is the head of the undertaking, and the directors are its managers.

The directors are a very long time upstairs.

The "director," as the opera bills would say, was Cotte-Comus, belonging to a troop of rope-dancers.

Then, with an air of closing the subject, he said: "I suppose the directors are past reason.

The director and professor of this excellent establishment is the missionary, Mr. Luitpold; his wife has the superintendence of the girls.

The spiritual director became a friend, and his friendship was especially valued by Paula and her illustrious circle.

The director is Mrs. Chalmers Watson.

To him the Deputy Assistant Director of the Mobile Veterinary Section is merely a lifeless formula, entitled Don Akk Don Emma Vic Esses.

The director of the institution is a psychologist, a physician.

For this reason, I am more inclined to believe that Larcius, who was of consular rank, was attached to the consuls as their director and superior, rather than Manius Valerius, the son of Marcus and grandson of Volesus, who had not vet been consul.

As we approached it, Tucker, although naturally much elated at having successfully engineered the first ascent of this great mountain, stopped and with extraordinary courtesy and self-abnegation smilingly motioned me to go ahead in order that the director of the Expedition might be actually the first person to reach the culminating point.

Sir Thomas Bell, who possessed great experience of shipbuilding in a private capacity, was at the head of the Department of the Deputy Controller for Dockyards and Shipbuilding, and the Director of Warship Production was a distinguished Naval constructor.

The East India Directors alone can be that thing to me or not.

21 Metaphors for  directors