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40 examples of  streame  in sentences

40 examples of streame in sentences

Yes, apt enough as wil the sequel proue; But so the streame of his affection lay As he did leane a quite contrary way, Disprouing still the choice his father made, And oftentimes the matter had delaid; Now giuing hope he would at length consent, And then again excusing his intent.

Sit, my Victoria, sit, my faire Bellina, And with attention hearken to my dreame: Methought one evening, sitting on a fragrant Virge, Close by there ranne a silver gliding streame: I past the Rivolet and came to a Garden, A Paradise, I should say (for lesse it could not be); Such sweetnesse the world contains not as I saw; Indian Aramaticks nor Arabian Gummes Were nothing sented unto this sweet bower.

Wash your soule white by wading in the streame Of Christian gore.

At length, when most in perill it was brought, Two angels, downe descending with swift flight, 625 Out of the swelling streame it lightly caught, And twixt their blessed armes it carried quight Above the reach of anie living sight: So now it is transform'd into that starre, In which all heavenly treasures locked are.

160 [* Batt, stick] Then gan the shepheard gather into one His stragling goates, and drave them to a foord, Whose caerule streame, rombling in pible stone, Crept under mosse as greene as any goord.

V. Then was the faire Dodonian tree far seene Upon seaven hills to spread his gladsome gleame, And conquerours bedecked with his greene, Along the bancks of the Ausonian streame.

My little flocke on westerns downes to keep, 100 Not far from whence Sabrinaes streame doth flow, And flowrie bancks with silver liquor steepe; Nought carde I then for worldly change or chaunce, For all my ioy was on my gentle sheepe, And to my pype to caroll and to daunce.

So forth those ioyous birdes did passe along Adowne the lee, that to them murmurde low, 115 As he would speake, but that he lackt a tong, Yet did by signes his glad affection show, Making his streame run slow.

That both to thee, to whom I meane it most, And eke to her whose faire immortall beame Hath darted fyre into my feeble ghost, That now it wasted is with woes extreame, 25 It may so please, that she at length will streame Some deaw of grace into my withered hart, After long sorrow and consuming smart.

which, flowing from the beame 55 Of thy bright starre, thou into them doest streame.

There is a Willow growes aslant a Brooke, [Sidenote: ascaunt the Brooke] That shewes his hore leaues in the glassie streame:

And, more to lulle him in his slumber soft, A trickling streame from high rock tumbling downe, And ever-drizling raine upon the loft, Mixt with a murmuring winde, much like the sowne Of swarming bees, did cast him in a swowne.

By losing makes the streame thence wealthy grow.

yet I cannot Force backe the streame, it comes so fast upon me; I cannot.

The streame that, like a Crocodile, did weepe Ore them whom with an over ravenous kisse

and, methinks, the streame Pitt[y]ing their herse should want all funerall rights, Snatches the virgin lillies from his bankes To strow their watry sepulcher.

I do use to goe a foote sometymes but when I ride; and then I must confesse there is no striving with the streame.

The 20 it was still calme, and the current so strong still one way, that we were not able to stemme the streame: moreouer we knew not where we were, whereupon doubting whither wee were past, or short of our port, the Master, Pilot, and other Officers of the shippe entered into counsell what was best to doe, wherevpon they agreed to sende the bote on lande againe, to seeke some man to speake with all, but they returned as wise as they went.

All this I tell to this notorious end, That you may use your Courtship with lesse care To your coy mistresses; As when we strike A goodly Sammon, with a little line, We doe not tugge to hale her up by force, For then our line wood breake, and our hooke lost; But let her carelesse play alongst the streame, As you had left her, and sheele drowne her selfe.

Then thou knowest well which was the fatall streame

If from thys marydge there myght sprynge a sonne, Which is myne ende, my honors would knowe none, But like a ryver that receyves his name Or fyrst oryginall from some mountayns foote, Begyns a syngle streame, but at last growes To have no bounds but what it could oreflow

Then sorrow not for him, but turne the streame Of gentle pity on thy wretched friend Within whose bosome love hath kindled fire

This is our meeting place; here runnes the streame That parts our camps; the time consorts the place; And (Pembrooke) if thy reputation hold, It is thy q. to enter.

BE] same flashing streame.

What, wilt thou barre thy selfe of happinesse? Stop the large streame of pleasures which would flowe, And still attend on thee like Servingmen?

Confusion light upon his timerous head, For broching this large streame of fearefulnesse!

The bryghtt enamell of the mornyng's gleame Begann to daunce onn bobblynge Avonn's streame, As yothefull Alfrede and Matylda fayre Stoode sorowynge bie, ennobledd bie despayre: Att tymes theyr lypps the tynts of Autumpe wore, Att tymes a palerr hewe thann wynterr bore; And faste the rayne of love bedew'dd theyr eyne, As thos, in earnefull strayns, theyr tenes theie dyd bewreene.

And more to lulle him in his slumber soft, A trickling streame from high rock tumbling downe, And ever-drizling raine upon the loft, Mixt with a murmuring winde, much like the sowne Of swarming bees, did cast him in a swowne.

The boats be but for one voiage: for the streame doth runne so fast downewardes that they cannot returne.

In this channel there runneth a great streame, and course of narrow waters, through this straight M. Condlish an Englishman passed with his ship, comming out of the South sea from new Spaine.

The 28. setting sayle agayne, we kept East Northeast along by the coast of Iaua, and about noone because of the great streame that runneth in the straight, wee were forced to anker, and the 30. day wee set sayle againe.

Rialles of 8. which he challenged of vs because we had cast anker within his streame, wherevpon our Marchantes went and agreed with him, which done wee thinking to buy Pepper as we did before, the Gouernour againe commanded to the contrarie, whereby we perceyued their deceipt, in that he wold not hold his word.

desiring him to forbid vs both his towne and streame, that wee might not traffique there.

The 18. of Ianuary we entered into the straight that runneth betweene Iaua and Baly, and by reason of the hard and contrary streame that ran therin, we were forced to anker vpon the coast of Iaua, where wee found good anker ground.

The 19. wee set sayle, and when wee came neere to the coast of Baly, we entered into a rough streame, and our shippes draue backeward, as swiftly as an arrow out of a bow, and there we found no anker ground, nor any anker could haue holden vs, but Molenaer got the coast of Iaua and ankered, which in the ende wee likewise did, and ankered at the least three miles from him, and so much we had driuen backe in the space of halfe an houre.

The 27. of Aprill still driuing without sayle with a West winde, wee were vnder thirty sixe degrees, so that we found that the streame draue vs South and South West.

The 6. of Iune wee were vnder one degree on the South side of the line, there wee founde that the streame draue vs fast into the West, and therefore wee helde our course more Northernely and sayled Northwest and by North, with an East and South East wind.

The same day one of our boyes fell ouer bord, and was carried away with a swift streame before the wind, but to his great good fortune, the Pinace saued him, that was at the least a quarter of a mile from vs: this euening we found the height of 36. degrees.

when the yeares at hottest, And that the Dog-starre fomes, and the streame boiles, And curles, and workes, and swells ready to sparkle; To fling a fellow with a Fever in, To set it all on fire, till it burne, Blew as Scamander, 'fore the walls of Troy, When Vulcan leap'd in to him, to consume him.

And fast beside these trickled softly downe A gentle streame, whose murmuring wave did play