344 examples of wended in sentences

" Shortly after midnight the Triple Alliance wended their way to the "House of Lords," where they found the three other members quite ready to commence operations.

So they wended their way through the forest.

Having a couple of hours to spare another morning, we wended our way towards the Orphanage, "deep in the lilac grove."

She stopped not now to gaze into the gay windows, or to watch the throng of promenaders; but, with an unsteady pace, wended her way slowly to her humble home in the lower part of the city.

Now telleth the chronicle of this geste, that when the morning was come of the day of the high feast, a fair procession of archbishops, bishops, and abbots wended to the king's palace, to place the crown upon Arthur's head, and lead him within the church.

And after having performed this last sad office, and given his affectionate benediction to the great woman to whom he was drawn by ties of admiration and sympathy, this venerable dignitary wended his way silently back to Cluny, and, for the greater consolation of Héloïse, penned the following remarkable letter, which may perhaps modify our judgment of Abélard:

"Getting above 'imself, that's wot it is," said Mr. Brown, as they wended their way home.

Below the fort, was a ruinous mill, in a gloomy dell, through which the river wended its silent course.

As the party slowly wended its way through the wilderness, each individual looked round with suspicion, exchanging furtive glances, or now and then uttering some exclamation of alarmtheir manner and bearing indicating minds ill at ease.

And so, linking his arm with the worthy major, he calmly wended his way to Baobab Villa, amid the ringing cheers of the populace.

Slowly we wended our way back to camp, arriving there about sunset, having been continuously under fire for nearly seven hours.

But critics nevertheless said unkind things of the team work as they wended their way back over the sodden turf, and shook their heads dubiously over the field-goal scored by the opponents.

When with a curse from thee I've wended: Through their whole lives are mortals blind So be thou, Faust, ere life be ended!

The fruit and vegetable-stalls along the Rue St. Honoré were thronged as usual by frugal housewives who do their shopping early, and down by Les Halles, to which I wended my way through the older streets of Paris, to note any change in the price of food, there were the usual scenes of bustling activity among the baskets and the litter of the markets.

There is scarcely a family, I am told, in which there is not some uninterested personI must see the Queen and talk to her about it," and with this he wended his way to the palace.

Can I be the same calm student Who awhile ago here wended? To a miracle of beauty, To a fair face now surrendered, I scarce know what brought me hither, I my purpose scarce remember.

He and his cousin who lived on the Davis' plantation slipped off and wended their way to all of the surrounding plantations spreading the news that the "Yankees" were in Robertsville and exhorting them to follow and join them.

This special clericalism, this depraved and artistically perverse mysticism towards which he wended could not even be discussed with a priest who would not have understood them or who would have banished them with horror.

And as we wended our way to it through the crowds of folks of every name and nation I sez to myself, "I'd love to ride on it."

But having sot out for the Palace of Fine Arts we anon wended our way thither.

I wuz the one to settle these matters, but I see Josiah wuz gittin' too agitated, one look at his gloomy face made me think of the past, and I gin in as gracefully as I could, and we wended our way thither with no more parley, and Josiah, as soon as our heads wuz turned that way, begun to brighten up and look better, and so about one-half of my mind and sperit wuz satisfied.

But he felt neat and we wended our way on.

Blandina sez to me as we wended our way out, "No man ort to be turned back out of this country."

Thankful that I was familiar with my surroundings I wended my way to the beautiful park, the Orangerie, where I made myself comfortable in a clump of bushes and watched the unceasing flash of searchlights criss-cross in the sky until I fell asleep.

Thither, accordingly, we wended our miry way, Müller and I, after dining together at one of our accustomed haunts on the evening following the events related in my last chapter.

344 examples of  wended  in sentences
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