Which preposition to use with  callest

Which preposition to use with callest

One cold winter at Bourneville, when we had our house full of people, there was a sudden call for blankets.

By the expression of his face I guessed that he, in turn, was questioning me; but now I had to shake my head, and indicate that I did not comprehend what it was they wanted to know; and so we stood looking at one another, until I heard Tonnison calling to me to hurry up with the kettle.

A man reads (I notice) in his seminary, St. Leo, Ad Flaeirmum, and makes his first pastoral call on a woman who proudly brings out her first baby for him to see.

There were always officers riding, squads of soldiers moving about, bugle-calls in all directions, and continuous arrivals at the station of deputies and journalists hurrying to the palace, their black portfolios under their arms.

It was very reposeful (when one felt one could get away for a little while), but I think the absolute calm and monotony would pall upon one, and the "Call of the World"the struggling, living, joyous world outside the wallswould be an irresistible temptation.

When the Vorspiel to Parsifal breaks upon the ear it is as if all other music were inadequate and incompleteas if a voice called from the confines of eternity, in the infinite spaces where no time is, and rolled onward to the far-off ages when time shall be no more.

"That dog," continued Cullen, "was human in his day, and if anybody has another like him, and wants a couple of months lumberin' in the place of him, I'm ready for a trade; he may call at my shanty.

There should also be called into play the business ability and discernment of men of large business interests or administrative gifts.

Military dramas might, as a rule, be called with equal propriety millinery dramas.

I called after him, but he was in a hurry and couldn't stop, for there was a thing he didn't care about shakin' hands with, not three rods from his tail.

But the organization, to protect its own purity and integrityhowever generous in allowing individual research, and the expression of individual ideasmust exert authority over the teachers in her midst, those who are called by her name, who have her children in their charge, and for whose teaching the Church, as a whole, is responsible.

[Calls as at her Lodgings.

"No, no," replied my friend; "we have not called about anything of that kind."

The sound was unmistakable nowa faint, choked voice calling out of the hole, "Help!"

The Carthaginian ambassadors were called before the senate.

Each evening, when Morange called during those twelve years, the conversation invariably began in the same way.

The tom-toms calling through the jungle told the different tribes where Mary was.

Amid the noise of barristers resuming their seats and court officials gliding about, the judge's Associate called over the names of the jurymen.

Mac called between his hands to the Indians, who had gone some distance ahead.

What men, too, did not Washington and Adams call around them in the Cabinet!how representative of great ideas!

And they heard the fall Of mountain streams, the huntsman's windy call Across the heaving hills, the baying hound Among the rocks, while echoes answered round They heard, and shared the gladness of the chase.

I called without response.

She too hath her deeps, that call unto deeps.

But to whom, to whom?' The little Pilgrim cried aloud, so that she thought the rocks must be rent by the vehemence of her cry, calling like the other, 'Father, Father, Father!'

V. practice law, practice at the bar, practice within the bar; plead; call to the bar, be called to the bar, be called within the bar; take silk; take to the law.

"We suppose so," he said, gravely; "for some are in that place which once was called among us the place of despair."

It was announced that no regular classes would be called until the following Monday morning.

And when you call them they come shamefaced; though in winter-time, when running the same fox to death, they pay no more heed to your call than to the crows clamoring over them.

As soon as he knew the sort of witnesses which was to be called against him, he had been prepared to expect much prejudice.

For the time beingif he must confess the truthhe was actually rather enjoying himself, rather exhilarated than otherwise by the swiftly shifting scenes and characters of his unfolding investigations and by the brisk sword-play of wits in which he was called upon constantly to engage; both essential ingredients of the wine of life according to the one recipe he knew.

HÉBERT, JACQUES RENÉ, commonly called Per Duchesne as editor of a journal of that name, a violent revolutionary organ; took part in the September Massacres; brutally insulted the queen at her trial, to the disgust of Robespierre; was arrested by his colleagues, whom he dared to oppose, and guillotined, his widow found weeping, following him to his doom (1756-1794).

For he was hidden among rushes in an impenetrable brake, his tender body all suffused with golden and deep purple gleams of iris flowers; wherefore his mother prophesied saying that by this holy name of immortality he should be called throughout all time.

Chaplains are working 24/7 to provide follow-up with local calls via phone, text, Zoom technology, FaceTime, or email.

[Footnote Gg: A vast extent of marsh so called near the lake of Neuf-chatel.]

When they had ridden a long time, and were on the road darkened by hedges of Cherokee rose, the Colonel called behind him to the "low-down" scion: "Keep the road, old man."

call off the attention, draw off the attention, call away the attention, divert the attention, distract the mind; put out of one's head; disconcert, discompose; put out, confuse, perplex, bewilder, moider^, fluster, muddle, dazzle; throw a sop to Cerberus.

He was the senior of the urban magistracy and police, leader of the municipal troops, and, in a word, the prefect (præfectus urbis), as he was called under the Emperor Aurelian, or the first magistrate of Lutetia, as he was still called under Clotaire in 663.

And when you tell her this, her clouded reason gives a momentary gleam [Calling towards the basket.]

Jack reported what he saw from time to time, calling above the noise made by engines and propellers.

A low voice was calling outside the door.

I will carry all those phone calls inside me forever; some I dream of even at night.

Most of the men threw their portions overboard at once; a few packed away the "corpse"as we already called itfor purposes of trade with the unsophisticated Cubans; and I kept my can as a souvenir.

The latter book, as we now see, contained much that was admirable; but its freedom and looseness in religious discussion called down the wrath of the clergy, excited the alarm of the government, and finally compelled the author to fly for his life to Switzerland.

The "Ordinance" of the Lord's Supperas it is called amongst themfollows the procedure of the Last Supper as recorded in the Gospels; should not, therefore, the rite of baptism be in its details similarly faithful to authority?

When a neighboring camper, who stopped in to call toward the end of the afternoon, expressed surprise at his apparent dilatoriness, and asked for an explanation, the father simply said, "I did mean to finish it to- day, but I had to do something for my boy instead."

"Why, if you ain't busy next Saturday I'd like to have you call aroundabout one o'clock, sayand kick me good and hard."

The inspection report reads: When we chatted with people they praised the regular carers, saying that they did their best and were friendly and also saying they were often too busy, or had to work in the kitchen, or attend to calls outwith the complex.

So, Mays called 911. It was an emergency call unlike any other CHP Officer Paul Ramos had been on in his three and a half years with the department.

"Let us then call by all means," said Mr. Sawyer.

The county and city’s recent expansion of the FIT team, which responds to mental health calls alongside law enforcement, was applauded, but Avis Reese said it needs a bigger investment.