Which preposition to use with  losed

Which preposition to use with losed

For some little time, I stood there, lost in perplexing thought.

Then, as I drew nearer, I perceived that I had been mistaken; for, instead of a low hill, I made out, now, a chain of great mountains, whose distant peaks towered up into the red gloom, until they were almost lost to sight.

This was lost on them, of course.

Those who were not directly engaged in the hunt now came up and congratulated the men upon their success, and Fitzhugh was at once hailed as the winner of the buffalo cup; while all sympathized with Hecksher, whose chance had been the best at the start, but who lost by reason of his horse falling and rolling over him.

After lying loose and lost for awhile, I made a sunrise fire, went down to the lake, dashed water on my head, and dipped a cupful for tea.

At any rate they can make you laugh, which is something that BOUCICAULT with his 'Lost at Sea' did not do."

" Such stories must be spread out over many days of telling, but they gain rather than lose from that, though for quite young children the stories do require to be short and simple, and often repeated.

"And he was lost with the Laughing Lass?" "Nobody knows," said Edwards.

You may believe that in a given instance the Republican cause or candidate is inferior; you may have nothing personally to lose through Republican defeat; yet you squirm and twist and seek excuses for casting a Republican ballot.

"I thought you promised to come into the Opera House by the private entrance?" "I did try to follow that trail, but I got lost among the cañons, and then I ran in among the hostiles," said he; "but it is all right now.

It shows that 89 machines were lost during February, 60 of them German.

We shall always feel that a great opportunity was here lost of ridding the country of certain nuisances, who, if anything at all, are worse than dummies, and deserve not four only, but four hundred balls in them, "forty-two one-hundredths of an inch in diameter," or even larger.

As much as Philadelphia desired that New York should be beaten, for there was no love lost between the teams in a ball playing way, the fighting spirit and the predominant desire to add to the column of victories as many games as possible brought forth the best efforts of the team of ill fortune against Chicago and struck telling blows against Chicago's success at the most timely moments.

[A.D. 795-816] should have been so lost without being utterly destroyed, and so buried under the slowly-accumulating soil of the Campagna, that the very tradition of the existence of its remains should have disappeared, and its discovery have been the result of scientific archæeological investigation.

But what Germany has lost as a result of the treaty surpasses all imagination and can only be regarded as a sentence of ruin and decay voluntarily passed over a whole people.

The culprit muttered something about it's being "only a joke," but his reply was lost amid a storm of hoots and hisses.

In the opinion of anxious critics of the day, indeed, the victory which had been almost won by Thomas seemed altogether lost after his death.

As Roman liberty was lost under the Caesars, style very naturally assumed greater and greater importance.

Our politician had time, during a few years of absence from his native country, and while the din of war and the cries of party-spirit "were lost over a wide and unhearing ocean," to recover from his surprise and from a temporary alienation of mind; and to return in spirit, and in the mild and mellowed maturity of age, to the principles and attachments of his early life.

It is thought there were more medical papyri, but many have been lost due to grave robbing.

The murk of twilight obscured them, but even in a good light they would have run small risk of discovery, for slow-moving human figures would have been lost against the dark background.

A fine dinner is lost within me.

Oh, dear on earth when all did love her, Oh, dearer lost beyond recover: Of women all the bravest-hearted Hath pressed thy lips and breathed thy breath.

Something was lost out of them.

The Moor whose thought and genius wrought those works for many moons Received each day a princely payfive hundred gold doubloons Each day he left his labor deft, his guerdon was denied; Nor less he lost than his labor cost when he his hand applied.

It is well known, my lords, how much we lost amidst our victories and triumphs, and how small security the merchants received from our magnificent navies, and celebrated commanders.

one step more in the outrage, one day more with Louis Bonaparte, and you are lost before universal conscience.

Fortunately he had subalterns worthy of him, and faithful to their oaths; and as he was a man of great promptitude and decision, he, with their aid, quelled the mutiny, though not without a sanguinary conflict, in which he himself lost above four hundred men, while the loss which he inflicted on the mutineers was far heavier.

Go and look behind the Ranges Something lost behind the Ranges.

Just beyond, in that yawning hole, fully ten feet wide by fifteen long, the Boy's head appeared an instant, and then was lost like something seen in a dream.

Hence the extreme rarity of Poetry for Children, which seemed to be completely lost until, in 1877, a copy was found in Australia.

Thyme-scented water-mint, with lilac-tinted spikes and downy stalks, was almost lost amongst the taller wild flowers and the "segs" that fringed the brook-side.

The seven survivors, each with his portion of venison, resumed travel on the sixth and continued in the foothills a number of days, crawling up the ascents, sliding down the steeps; often harassed by fears of becoming lost near the goal, yet unaware that they were astray.

The Doctor is a man who thinks and acts rapidly in emergencies, and little time was lost about help and lights.

[10] 'This,' observes Lord Grey, 'owing to the extreme forbearance of Lord Elgin and his advisers, was the only life lost throughout these unhappy disturbances.'

putting your privacy, passcode and other security information in danger of getting lost along the way.

He was lost beyond all recall now!

*** A private in one of the London regiments has translated two hundred and fifty lines of Paradise Lost into Latin verse during a sixteen-day spell in the trenches.

he added in a lower tone, and the words were lost beneath the frozen mustache.

But that memory blurred; in its place he stood with her on a boulder in a creek, holding her in his arms; he stood with her on a mountain top, with the world lost below them.

So many ships have been lost around it that the area is known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic".

Most seasoned readers will tell you, there is nothing like the real thing, nothing like the smell of pages as you hold a book,nothing like feeling the hardcover of a book in your hands and getting lost inside it.

Assuming the earth to be nothing but a cooling mass, the quantity of heat lost per year, supposing the rate of cooling to have been uniform, multiplied by any given number of years, will be given the minimum temperature that number of years ago.

Jobs have been lost across the board.

From that day, then, Mr. Raleigh with difficulty retained his former habits, prevented any eagerness of manner, maintained a cautious vigilance, and in so doing he again became aware that the easy insouciance with which he addressed all other women had long been lost toward Mrs. Laudersdale, or, if yet existing, had become like the light and tender play of any lingering summer-wind in the tress upon her brow.

She was lost off the coast of France 13 Dec 1918.

Ghostly, unbodied heads, like the luminous souls of lost mountaineersfor this was the kind of fiction, got out of the Public Library, that had come last beneath my thumbghostly heads looked down upon us across the gallery rail.

[Sidenote: Sir Launcelot overthrows Sir Mordred] Now those three knights who were of King Arthur's court perceived how Sir Launcelot and his knights-companion were throwing the ranks of the party of the King of North Wales into confusion, and they knew that unless the onset of Sir Launcelot was checked, the day would of a surety be lost unto them.

But were no others lost beside the one hundred and twenty and the twelve?

"I don't want to be thanked, but I will show you the way to the boat with pleasure, if you are afraid of getting lost en route," Katherine said with a laugh, but falling into his mood, because she saw he wished to say something to her alone.